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Clean the bathtub, drain, faucet handles, spout, and surround (whether plastic or tile) Sounds like a great way to clean my fiberglass tub and My sliding doors on the outside!! Reply Now I just wash the shower curtains and hang them back up damp after a quick rinse in dilute vinegar water for mold That is about once

Because curtains, after all, are just fabric Much like underwear And because they generally cost more than they should, curtains are an excellent candidate to make yourself Today I ve rounded up the most giant, inspiring list of DIY curtain ideas from some of my favorite DIY blogs so when it s time to dress your nekkid

Jun , They re packed with outdoor furniture right now, so they ll sell it at the end of the season, and that s when a lot of floor samples will go (regular items too, not just from The Land of Nod holds on to everything to sell right before the holidays as more of an event, and to clear space for holiday decor and toys.

Jun , Design detail Keep the mess out of your home and designate burlap as outdoor decor only A strip of burlap down the To eliminate the mess and keep fuzz off your linens, coat the burlap with a clear sealant, such as clear acrylic spray or Mod Podge, which can be brushed on Shabby chic Style Kitchen

Jan , Fired Earth Tile\ Gold Patterned tile with gold hardware\ Reclaimed Shower doors\ White Shower with Built in shelving\ Reclaimed wooden vanity shelf and patterned tile A handful of workers showed up at the junaglow yesterday and demoed our master bedroom and bathroom We ve moved our bedroom

Mar , Make it modern Hands up if you think shower curtains are a thumbs down for the modern bathroom A quick glance at this pared down, two tone look might change your mind, as the simple transparent curtain on chains is as contemporary as it gets It s a chic, barely there curtain that s almost as invisible as

Dec , I just wish I can eventually find a clear painters tape! My roommates and I bought some simply masking tape and clear plastic last year to winterize We also winterized summer ized our front door (we live in an apartment building with the door directly to the outside) by hanging a full length curtain on

Porch curtains block wind, rain, and sun to allow for more comfortable outdoor time For special occasions, like a porch party, Donna uses sheers or bed sheets as outdoor curtains and hangs them from teacup hooks They snap into place between porch beams or walls with no hardware making installation a snap.

Oct , If you re just upgrading your front door or springing for new window treatments, you may be able to pop them on your plastic and enjoy the credit card rewards or cash back Weed, mow lawns, rake leaves and inject color with new plantings or outdoor d├ęcor whatever s compatible with the season.

Jun , Think about those trips to that giant home store, shopping cart filled with a plastic trashcan, vinyl shower curtain liner, toilet plunger, toothbrush holdera compliant shrug The latest item they ve crossed off their shopping last transparent shower curtains made of safe, non chlorinated EVA vinyl.

Jun , In the daytime, the mesh offers privacy, but at night it s possible to see into a lighted interior, so curtains or blinds are still necessary Also Ideally, the mesh blocks sun best when it s on the outside, but the difference in sun protection is not substantial, according to the company, and installation removal

Jun , Only US , shop pc ml Empty Transparent Refilliable Bottles Perfume Lotion Spray Shampoo Pump Dispenser at Suit for soap, dispenser, makeup and shampoo Description Type Spray Bottle Color Clear Material Plastic Capacity ml Size App Xcm (D H).

Oct , I didn t want to attach any permanent hardware or do any complicated sewing And I wanted the blind to be You ll want to cover your work surface first with a plastic tablecloth or wax paper Start gluing the sides first, Once it dries, the glue is clear and the fabric straightens out Seriously, this is such an

Jun , Living your life through that one design lens, trying to skip the plastic, shifts the way you cook, eat, and entertain pantry assault Our home organization gurus will come to your home and give your kitchen a Blisshaus makeover, Wiebke says, We clear the required shelf space, give the cabinet interiors a

In a pinch, you can try using clear plastic wrap just stick it around your windows to keep the draft out On the opposite side of expensive, some people use plastic trash bags to line the cracks and the windows Hi Elizabeth, Blackout curtains are great they keep the bright lights outside from interrupting our sleep.

Glides Clear plastic with matte frost finish Cushion an optional cushion is available on request Hat Trick note Hat Trick arms are ply and arm supports are a total of ply for added strength Arms may be retrofitted on armless Hat Trick chair, or removed from arm version Easily added or removed with bolts Contoured

Apr , I may just go back to my zip lock baggy storage and clear out the top d er in the china cabinet to allow for a little more space so things aren t so tight Check Curtains Draperies with French Pleats and Grosgrain Trim How do you store your napkin rings Check out how Bonnie stores her glassware,

Jun , Super hot weather hit Sacramento the past few weeks and that means my husband and I have turned our attention from outdoor projects to indoor We actually are not big purple fans in general but the soft purple was the clear winner I love the addition of champagne colored hardware from Lowe s.

Aug , Hardware smaller items such as paint brushes, tools and maintenance items should also be placed in plastic bins with lids Put a label on all four sides and on the lid so that you will know what s inside I highly recommend using clear, stack able tubs in the same size clean the garage For more great DIY

Aug , How to install the DIGNITET curtain wire hanging system from IKEA Very Helpful! Clear and precise instructions made perfect sense Much easier I can usually follow ikea instructions just fine, but for this item there was waaaay too much left out like the plastic ends and exactly how to tighten the wire..

Dec , All you need to make this heater are two cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, tape, an emergency space blanket, and clear plastic sheeting I picked up the cardboard boxes for free at the local hardware store, both were the same size, but one will expand to accommodate the other with a little work The box I

Dec , Smart storage, warm finishes, clear glass, tiled walls and other favorite bath details grew in popularity this year Here, a slate floor, marble countertop and painted vanity add beauty while two sinks, a tub shower combo and a playful ruffled shower curtain suit family life Find warm metal hardware.

Jun , Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors VOCs are emitted by a wide Shower curtains, vinyl blinds and wallpaper contain something called phathalates, which are chemicals used to enhance plastic s flexibility These toxins are also found in