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Apr , Extra verses of Grandpa singing Dayenu may have been enough to keep the party entertaining when we were kids, but let s face it, the bar has risen a Hit the ¢ store in advance to fill everyone s bags with tchotchkes like plastic cows for the cattle disease, sunglasses or sleeping masks for darkness,

Jun , So it s no surprise that the New York Hall of Science, already one of the best places in NYC to get geeky with kids, is jumping on the trend with its brand new Afterward, they mounted them on plastic st s and held them up behind a back lit screen and performed their own shadow puppet show.

Aug , Above The view from the living room to the front gate through ivy trailing from the front of the house Above The ivy carries over the courtyard We usually have wine and cocktails outside and will sit by the fire when it s cooler When the kids were younger they would chalk and paint out here all the time..

I use my pressure washer for kids toys as well, Little Tikes mainly Just make To prolong the life of it I power wash the fence to freshen the surface and remove dirt, aging, and moss Then I Pressure washing siding forces water behind the siding and can cause mold and degrading problems to the wood behind the vinyl.

Jul , Entice kids outdoors with plenty of things to discover, fruits to taste and secret spots to explore produce which fruit and when they re ripe, you ll hardly need to offer additional encouragement to turn off the TV and video screens and set indoor toys aside and go outside Create multiple outdoor rooms.

Jul , NYC is home to many indoor facilities that offer high quality tennis lessons for kids year round A few even offer family Located in the southern end of the gorgeous Alley Pond Park, this outdoor tennis center transforms into an court indoor facility in winter thanks to a huge plastic bubble Classes are for

Mar , Sponsored by the Meatpacking Business Improvement District, ARTech taps into that enthusiasm with programming designed by two established NYC institutionsthe New York Hall of Science and the Children s Museum of the Artsand it definitely deserves its spot on our March GoList We ve got the

Aug , They all got to throw balloons at the strike zone d n on my back fence until all water balloons were used up I tied a string across my family room, and the kids had to keep the balloon in the air Cut off the bottom half of a plastic cup, d some lines (to look like a net), and staple to the headband.

May , for ages and up Located in one of the best little kid destinations in the entire borough, this sensory playroom for tots under age offers nine hands on stations to explore A highlight is its giant water table with plenty of room to splash and scoop and toss in floating toys, plus canons to aim at the wall.

Jul , If your kids can t get enough of trucks and dirt, head to Diggerland USA, a construction themed amusement park in West Berlin Diggerland is a child s construction site fantasy, Forget the plastic shovelskids can scoop up huge piles of dirt with the Mini Diggers Photo by the author Diggerland is laid out

Mar , Children under age are invited to Downing Park to hunt for eggs and visit with the Easter bunny Find one of the large plastic eggs hidden in the park and win an entire Easter basket from the Lion s Club NOTE Get there EARLY for this one The traffic and parking are intense and the hunt starts exactly at

Apr , Instead, remove the child from the action and sit off to the side for a time and just observe what s happening in the room. You d be surprised how quickly your kid joins back in Don t open the gifts at the party There s a reason most party places pack the presents away in a giant plastic bag for you to take

Oct , Indoor Halloween Games for Children Have you ever wondered the origin of Halloween or the history that s behind such an eventful holiday If so, here s Spider Races ~ Use a milkshake st and plastic spider rings to see who can blow their spider to the finish line first.

Oct , On the opposite side of The Living Room, light streams from a skylight, illuminating the studio spaces that provide room to work and create for children and the museum s Artist in Residence, Harlem native David Shrobe The studio is filled with child sized tables waiting for visitors and schoolchildren to

Apr , Your basic slime kit might include the following materials white school glue, clear glue gel borax, shaving cream, saline solution, re sealable plastic bags and or containers, plastic spoons, and bowls There has been a lot said recently on social media about the potential dangers of toxic ingredients in some

Dec , Either way, both you and your kids are sure to have a good time A gated space in the back offers both outdoor and indoor areas full of wooden and plastic, baby safe toys Kids will love the indoor playground, toys, climbing tunnel, and more fun provided in a bright, airy room at Sunnyside Plays.

Oct , But the following IKEA hacks are the perfect place to start for boys, girls, young or a little older, we ve got you covered Add a few low profile magnets to plastic cars, or just pop your metal cars up there! If you ve got a little more room, you could turn a shoe shelf into a multi level parking garage.

Dec , There will be six adults and my two boys (ages and ) The cousins won t descend until the day after So technically the boys would fit at the dining room table We sit down to eat dinner together every night, so I m not afraid they will be terrors And I have a big plastic mat that I could put under their chairs

Jul , This contributes directly to climate change If we all remembered to turn off the lights whenever we leave a room, the impact could be pretty big Skip the bottled water The facts about what it takes to produce disposable plastic water bottles are so startling, they ought to be printed right on the label.

And plastic or similar materials offer more flexibility and, well, plasticity when it comes to shapes Here is a This modern divider would make a good mediator between a kitchen and a dining room or a kids eating room With enough open air in its body, It can also take shape of an irregular indoor fence Place it in a kids

No need to buy the traps or bait from the store, it s easy to make your own homemade fly trap with a repurposed plastic bottle Repurposed plastic bottle Water Bait (see below) A drop or two of liquid dish soap (optional) I wanted to just hang up a fly strip in the sun room but my boys thought that would be gross.

Feb , While My Plastic Heart ( Forsyth Street) is aimed at adult collectors, kids will go gaga for its selection of custom designed, high end toys that make Littlest Petshop and its ilk look bland And the plus year old Essex Street Market ( Essex Street) is worth a browse It s set to move into new digs in