hardwood floor installation cost per square foot

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Jan , type of wood flooring you used, and how many square feet you installed, and specify materials vs hired labor Approximates are fine Since costs vary, your region of the country is always helpful too! You Might Also Like Ways to Insulate Your Windows for Winter How Much Did it Cost to Buy and Install

From everything I ve read, refinishing can be a big, difficult, project The floors look like they have not been properly cared for in a long while (that s the worst area, but there is discoloration and marks everywhere) I would estimate maybe sq ft of floor to be done Do we need to do a complete refinishing

Her daughter is a dancer, and she makes a terrible racket when she practices But Sabrina had to take one additional step to soften the blows from her daughter s prancing feet She shares all the details here Cost Interlocking cork flooring starts at around per square foot Related Green Kitchen Flooring Linoleum

Sure, it costs a bit more about to cover a , square foot backyard (double that installed) But lay it right Roger Cook lays out all the steps for laying sod on a lawn Step One How to This is best done with a sod cutter (available from your local rental yard for about per day), which slices it off below the roots.

I m buying a house and want to refinish the floors prior to moving in The first quote we I got a quote from a flooring refinisher who quoted ( per sqft) The flooring guy that s quite high I just had mine done by a reputable copmany, they did a good job, and I paid less than half of that per sq ft.

Jan , However, it can be spendy to get it installed if you use a professional tile layer Luckily, tile floor is fairly easy to learn to put down if you have the time and patience to do it Tile prices are all over the board, but for a lower end rental, you can easily find tile for under per square foot from any large home

Sep , Floor Plan Square Foot Bathrooms Layout Chambers tucked the toilet in the corner behind the vanity so it wouldn t be the first thing you see when entering the room She angled the tub slightly to maximize traffic flow Cost ,, including materials, labor and design fees Below is how some of that

Dec , Here s what to know about today s materials, costs and trends carpeting There, hardwood floors are a beautiful choice, and when paired with a complementary area rug, they offer the best of both worlds For basic wool without a pattern, Gurley says, the range is to per square foot for material.

Oct , Let s start with this detailed break down of the trim cost for my basement A trim blade will give you a much cleaner cut because it won t pull at the wood like a larger tooth blade You can estimate the rough cost by measuring the perimeter of your basement walls and multiplying by the cost per foot.