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Feb , Painting the exterior of a home s front door a distinctive color is one of the fastest ways to add character and enhance curb appeal But too often that s where the color stops, Paint just the door, the door and sidelights, or go all out and paint the door, sidelights and trim Such is the case here, with Benjamin

Jun , Continuing our series on exterior accent colors, this week we turn to the happy, high energy hue, yellow Shades of gray have been popular exterior house colors of late I like adding a bit of If you re nervous about bold colors on your home, think small, such as for your window frames or trim only.

Jan , Minimize attention to unattractive elements such as downspouts, air conditioning units, vents and gutters, by painting them the same color as the wall of the house, or choose a trim color in a similar shade Traditional Exterior by Kerrie L Kelly Kerrie L Kelly Ronald Reagan s old California residence

Sep , Farmhouse Exterior by BrightBuilt Home BrightBuilt Home Two toned exterior color schemes are surging in popularity, which unfortunately means that if you are considering such a scheme, you have to stress about picking two siding colors rather than just one But taupe is a compatible color partner for

Aug , Whether you opt for a little or a lot, bold orange will bring drama to your home A little of this bold hue goes a long way, so think about using it strategically on just a part of the house an exterior accent wall, if you will Then incorporate other light and neutral Trim color Chantilly Lace Front door and

Feb , Trim adds character and flavor to a home, the way pearl buttons finish off a shirt or cinnamon completes a coffee cake And it helps distinguish one style of the door trim extends straight and flush to the floor Although there is a base shoe here, notice that the baseboard has no detail just an eased edge.

Oct , But some of my favorite memories of that old house are of sitting on our new front porch, with its trellised sides, roses and fragrant jasmine providing both an intoxicating scent and a bit of privacy as we sat outside in the evenings I m sure some preservationists would cringe at our destruction of a perfectly

Aug , Located about miles northwest of Dublin, Trim is home to Trim Castle, which served as the English town of York in the film The actual film location is no longer a pub, but the pub scenes were most likely filmed at the nearest pub O Neil s, which is easily spotted thanks to its light blue exterior decoration.

But not a budget kitchen since it involved relating interior exterior stairs as well as a window, raised the ceiling Check local codes if you plan to use a But they wound up with a subtle variation with the soft gray ceiling and walls and the white trim, which gives it a level of sophistication All in all a truly wonderful job a

Oct , I ve done countless exterior color consultations in my professional career, and yet the dramatic change a new color scheme can bring to the outside of a home never ceases to amaze me As part of a new series on exterior color palettes, we re taking existing exteriors and, through the use of rendering

Apr , To celebrate the launch of Houzz Ireland, be inspired by some of the most beautiful Irish designs on Houzz From a Scandinavian style house in Cork to a beautiful bedroom with a boutique hotel feel in Dublin, to a traditional Irish country kitchen reinvented in Rathnew, Contemporary Exterior by NONA.

Jan , It s great to look at and gives just a little more access to a million dollar view Contemporary Entry by Gaulhofer Windows Gaulhofer Windows Architects will tell you that a transom is most useful in separating the framing from a door from the framing of a window I think this example pretty much nails that

Nov , Trim soft furnishings and window coverings with decorative edgings to add definition and style Tip Buy a bias tape maker for just a few dollars at a fabric or craft store and you re on your way to creating your own tape Beach Style Living Room by Digs Design Company Digs Design Company Bordered

Paint expert and decorative artist Shauna Gallagher shows us the tools she uses on the job and shares her tips on how to use each one You still want to wipe off that area with a brush or rag when completely finished painting, only so there is little no paint there, as ANY paint in this area will make it difficult to open the lid

Dec , Review the contract to make sure it s clear which parts of your house s exterior are to be painted, how long the project will take and how the contractor will be Additional detail work, such as painting intricate trim or repairing surface imperfections as part of the preparation work, will usually increase the cost

Apr , See real life before and afters of home fronts transformed with paint, in wide ranging colors and styles AFTER Our house in Arizona went from pink to Dunn Edwards Bison Beige with trim in Dry Creek, says Houzz user jangnagey Its anemic exterior was just crying out for an infusion of character .

Apr , Decorative molding on open shelving not only adds a new design feature, but it can also add a structural element Some shelving, depending on the span (anything over inches) can bow from weight if it isn t supported correctly Applying an edge molding to the outside edge of the shelf can prevent

Jul , Know Your House Interior Door Parts and Styles Maybe it s because the big box retailers stock only limited styles, or maybe it s because we all forgot to care, but there s so much more to a door than just the plain This is a small bit of trim that surrounds the panel along the edge of the stile and rail frame.

Apr , It s house painting season once again and I m seeing a huge uptick in requests for more unusual paint schemes It seems that homeowners are no longer satisfied with the go to light and neutral siding with a dark (or white) trim I m all for getting creative with exterior paint colors, but there s often a fine line

Apr , Most climbing vines adhere to surfaces by using clinging roots, sticky pads or twining tendrils Clinging root and sticky pad types have the most potential to cause damage to a home s exterior Twining tendrils must grow around a support but can also cause serious damage to a home if they begin to twine

Nov , Often overwhelmed by choosing exterior paint colors and by coordinating the siding color with doors, roof and trim, many homeowners fall back on white or shades of tan There s nothing wrong with those colors they are classic hues that can work well on any home But I m a fan of bold color and like to