bamboo flooring marine applications inc

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, Bamboo offers good potential for processing it into composites as a wood substitute Bamboo laminates could replace timber in many applications such as furniture, doors windows and their frames, partitions, wardrobes, cabinets, flooring etc Accordingly bamboo laminates are being developed from

, A method for preparing a furan impregnated wood and uses thereof is also described railings, decking), railway sleepers, cooling tower slats, utility poles, heavy timbers, fenceposts, stakes, highway items, (guard rail posts, guard rail plates, sign posts, light poles), flooring and containers (tanks, buckets).

, The process of claim wherein the recovered dried algae based product is formed into a powder and incorporated into a textile may also be used to form building products and construction materials for use in, for example, home, commercial, industrial, automotive, aeronautic, and marine applications.

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, A method of producing a virtually fireproof plywood from perennial grasses such as Arundo donax Ligneous, various bamboo strains, or a blend thereof, years, different parts of Asia (namely Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam) have experimented with bamboo board production for non structural applications.

, Steel flooring innovation for marine containers connects the use of special steels and laser processing in a unique way The steel flooring has many advantages Woods such as larch, birch, and bamboo, and even plastic, have been tested as container floor materials A few containers with steel flooring

, The advent of prepreg technology for high performance aerospace, railway, energy, marine, sports and leisure applications has resulted in the without limitation, headliners, sun shades, moon roofs, package trays, spare tire covers, load floors, rocker panels and other structural parts such as wall panels.

, In a particular application of an antimicrobial silicone quaternary ammonium compound, a paper substrate is rendered resistant to the growth of which include, but are not limited to sponges, containers, trash receptacles, tiles, floors, marine products, outdoor gear, tents, backpacks, tarpaulins, sails, ropes