how to build a bench seat

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, Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your patience with me as we ve been traveling for the past few weeks It s been fun being on book tour but we are so happy to be on the home stretch I wanted to tell you that it s been quite sad to not only be without our child, but our child hasn t wanted to talk to us since

, Structural lumber like × s can be used in so many more ways than just building a house × s are a perfect material to make benches! It would seem there would be only so many ways to make a × bench, but really there are a lot of creative ideas, so today for our xandMore series we are sharing

First, build the seat bench Make sure each board is flush to the top and the end notches will fit the x legs when you are done I use a clamp on each and every joint as I attach the pocke thole screws Step Instructions First, drill pocket holes facing upward in all of the frame boards for attaching the seat top.

, Ever since we showed our soon to be baby girl s nursery, a frequent question has been about the bench seat It was an easy and inexpensive DIY project, and the bench seat definitely adds to the charm of built in bookcase I really wanted the seat to be functional and not just a pretty spot to look at We only

, I finally put my vision into reality and I couldn t be happier to share with you my tutorial for DIY Built in Bookshelves Window Seat with beadboard and rope trim molding! DIY Built in Bookshelves Window Bench Plans with beadboard and rope trim molding I m going to let you know right now I wish I had

, The video below will teach you how to build a wooden double chair bench with a table that you can afterwards install on your porch or patio It will be ideal for relaxing days and nights and small get togethers with friends or family Just watch the entire video to learn more about how to build this piece of

, and I teamed up, this time on a Child s Garden Arbor bench! How stinking cute is that Believe Please take a second to stop over and check out Kirsten s building post here Thanks Kirsten! XO Ana Make sure the distance between the x is the same at the top as at the seat Screw on with screws

, Seat Attach the remaining shelf as you did the other two shelves Step Instructions Top Dividers Now this step isn t so much as tricky, but will require some trust in glue Measure out the placement of the final dividers and apply glue Slide the dividers in place Screw the dividers down through the seat