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And yet the Philippines, with its , islands and islets, and its , square kilometers of coastal, turquoise waters and bays, is one of the true sanctuaries of The objective clearly defined in the architectural design of this Eco Resort is to select with care the best of Low Tech and High Tech rather than choose one

May , clutched at the rickety iron railing on either side in desperate fear Emerging from under a trap door, we felt a sudden gust of wind We were up At the very top of the most iconic structure in Florence, looking out over the entire city We stood there watching Florentines sunning themselves on their terraces,

The design for the Pasudeco Center celebrates the structure of the original building, an iconic sugar mill built during the turn of the century, Located in Pampanga, Philippines, Pasudeco aims to contribute to the growing vitality of a significant economic and cultural urban region of the country Courtesy of CAZA.

Feb , Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you d hear a fellow plant lover remark that a plant is so rare and elusive to him, and yet you actually know where to find it, not just from one place but several Podophyllum delavayi A Sunny Day at Hardy Exotics For anyone who has followed our blog for

Sep , portuguese architect miguel marcelino designs three bedroom house above a s warehouse overlooking a valley in chicharo, torres novas roof its overhang is maintained, with a railing added to make a wrap around balcony above the plane is duplicated, creating a substantial shading device the

Oct , We sat on the terrace tucking into the huge scones then ignored the railing around the weeping Monteray cypus tree and went inside the dark cavern under the branches I could easily The bare brick walls were covered with old pictures and prints and a young girl was playing on the Irish harp It seems

Mar , We finished a very enjoyable visit to the Acropolis Museum with a drink on the sunny terrace cafe looking up at the Acropolis Hill above the Temple of Olympian Zeus, set in a grassy park, although the gates were shut when we were there, so we had to content ourselves with a view through the railings.

Feb , Two buildings he did design, however, are the gate lodge and a caretakers property, these are open to the public, although are very modest and internally at least Supported by all those columns is a large terrace, enclosed by mosaic covered seating, the patterns in the mosaics repeat and dance with the

Dec , I thought I d have to wait until Ubud to see the rice terraces but Oh Bali, you beautiful thing I may have come for the sea but I it s so great to finally be in bali and to have the chance of Hi Bali, it s good to be back! bali traveletting Best part of today Flying to Bali!! The worst part missing out I asked

Jul , The Boundary Nice interiors with its sturdy steel, timber and glad pergola railings makes this attractive rooftop bar of great views irrespective of the weather Open all days in a week Soho Sky Terrace The Soho Sky Terrace is smart and is an escape onto the CourtHouse Hotel With refreshing cocktails

Apr , A front porch has some chairs and a fridge that is locked shut when not being used The yard is fenced in by a simple split bamboo fence My fiancée and her brother recently replaced that fence by climbing up the mountain, harvesting wild grown bamboo, splitting it into smaller pieces to attach to railings

Invention of the balcony safety strips came about with a simple mindset to keep her children safe from the balcony Anti Grabbity is a flat transparent prickly textured plastic strip that fits on the top of a railing in a couple of minutes using cable ties or glue dots The thought of having this on the balcony will make it extremely

May , This means that a lot of attention is paid to the front entrance, even if it looks simple at a glance, and stone terraces often run along the front of the building, distinguished by railings or steps These terraces should be broad enough for dining A trellis at the end of the terrace or running along the upper

Nov , Slim mezzanine railings keep the floor plan visually open while encouraging simplicity in design and plenty of natural light fills the interiors And when the mezzanine is the terraced platform from where panoramas start unrolling in front of your eyes, you know the mezzanine level was totally worth building

Nov , All of the rooms have balconies that define the building s characteristic outward appearance with a linear composition of railing elements podium volume, which is separated from the towering hotel levels by a second interstice the Podium Roof where a bar, terrace, pool, and Jacuzzi are situated.

Jun , I spent a few weeks gathering and translating the pictures of Jules Huret s l Allemagne Moderne showing Germany just before World War I, which The large pond and the handrailed terrace with white marble chairs at Lakewood The large staircase, remarkable for its superb sculptures and railings.

Aug , This required people to have to go all the way around to go outside because the doors were blocked Again, horrible design flaws! the entrance, which is about where anything good about this lounge pretty much ended interior of lounge interior of lounge interior of lounge balcony area view of airport from

Oct , OMG I hate heights, Why there is no steel railing or fences ReplyDelete Shrinidhi Hande Tuesday, October , AM @Sudhanshu This place came to limelight only recently I think authorities will take some time to react @The Wild true ReplyDelete Durga Prasad Dash Tuesday, October

Dec , Walking to a guesthouse down a staircase main street, Banaue, Philippines Tuk tuk ride to Angkor Wat Alissa drinking tea overlooking Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Ubud, Bali Village kids Dan sliding down a railing near Kuala Lumpur s twin towers Native dance

Oct , Yesterday, in Part I of this series, I showed the majestic rice terraces we passed on our journey through the mountains Only when we Whang Od herself is adorned with traditional tribal tattoo designs, as well as beautiful heirloom beads (You can I see now that there is no railing on the bridge Its really

Jan , After a million investment, the luxury coworking space NeueHouse expands to Los Angeles with a sophisticated design by David Rockwell And if members need a break from the daily grind, they can lounge on outdoor terraces and a private roof deck, or grab a drink from the cafe The experience is