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Sep , The mud tiled roofs of Kodagu land have somehow captured my imagination All the houses in this tropical paradise, whether big or small, have an unique aura about them and I guess it is these mud tiled roofs that contribute to that aura There are quite a few specialities of these mud tiles First, they are

Aug , Next, inspect the gutter cleaning gunk in your bucket before you toss it, to see whether it contains roofing material, such as granules or pieces of broken shingles Look inside your home, too, for signs of roof leaks like a stained attic ceiling, bubbling paint, or actual drips Any of these is a warning that you

Oct Construido por Luz de Piedra Arquitectos en , Costa Rica con fecha Imagenes La casa se construyó buscando reducir su huella, e integrar la construcción al paisaje circundante no se cortaron árboles existentes, y se utilizó estructura de Guadua, un material orgánico, que deja a la vista la forma e

Benjamin Garcia Saxe is a Costa Rican architect with a new take on recycled cargo container residences that mixes classic Modernist approaches, used materials and sustainable strategies In the center, a raised and tilted scrap metal roof angles up to catch additional indirect daylight and further facilitate passive cooling.

Feb , This temporary, interactive installation designed by HHD_FUN was based on the concept of complex systems which can observe, perceive and to reinvent the standard gas station design, it also comes with special green features the roof, which is draught tolerant and collects water from irrigation,

Nov , Students do work in Costa Rica as part of a design build initiative Funded in part through a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter over NYIT architecture students traveled to Costa Rica during July and August and The high ceilings and reflective roofing materials will further reduce heat buildup.

Jan , In the coming days, UNHCR plans to deliver roofing materials to families whose homes have been damaged in Mariupol as well as the villages of Sartana and Talakivka Fighting between the Ukrainian armed forces and anti government combatants has left hundreds of thousands of people displaced.

Nov , ROOFING In Costa Rica, a large percentage of the roofs leak and this causes deterioration of the connected building materials on the exterior as well as inside the home The inspector needs to check for common roof material deterioration and improper installation methods as well as loose, missing or

Feb , natural light to filter through the space while the interiors provide a tabula rasa to accomodate the ever changing programs of both contemporary and historically significant art, the exterior maintains an aesthetic character that is at once warm and replete with material dynamism the arts campus buildings,

Feb , But that selfish goal became more of a social issue at age , when he visited Costa Rica s low cost social housing They d essentially They built ranchos two level structures made from milled fallen wood and thatched roofing sleeping on the top level and working below Kalu Yala Ranchos and

Jul , She found the wooden bowl on the left while visiting Costa Rica with her dad Credenza Paloma, Crate Barrel Contemporary Home Office by The previous owners remodeled the bathrooms with inset tiles and glass shower doors It was a nice surprise, because I thought I was going to move to

Mar , The composite material design allows for a lightweight yet durable design Treehouses The two story, modern space can sleep four people Cost About per night for two guests Photos by Peter Lundstrom, WDO Treehouses Tree Houses Hotel, Costa Rica This bed and breakfast is located on

May , The roof geometry is optimized to capture prevailing breezes but protect building from the Papagayos, seasonal gale force winds The high ceilings and reflective roofing materials will further reduce heat buildup The building s structure will be made from local pochote sustainably grown on the project site.

Mar , Manufacturers can better insulate themselves from fluctuations in spot and contract prices for silicon and other materials Flexible Format Cells Solar modules produced with Hyperion thin Si lamina are bendable, allowing manufacturers to package solar directly into roofing materials to reduce packaging,

Oct , The problem with Lower local temperature means less water evaporates is that in most cities, rain water just runs off the roof and into the storm sewers Once there, it doesn amp t evaporate either Also, most black roofs are made of asphaltic or other petroleum based materials (tar, EPDM, bitumen, etc).

May , ground floor piazza with baroque roof embellishments exterior view of the italian pavilion an escalator brings visitors to the roof garden the pools throughout the pavilion are reminiscent of the many maximum height m materials concrete, steel, glass, wood heather carlsen I designboom may

Dec , A supply of building materials, including plywood, roofing materials, nails, tools and tarps, is being shipped from the U.S mainland The Church is also working with the Red Cross and other relief agencies to support their efforts to shelter displaced residents, distribute food and other essentials, and provide

Jul , In regions as diverse as the high mountain valleys of Costa Rica and the agricultural fields of western Kenya, biochar cookstoves are now being used to It can be built using local materials a five gallon steel paint bucket, some corrugated steel roofing material, and half of a one gallon tomato sauce can.

Nov , Most leaks become evident during the rainy season and the locations where the residents discover the leaks on the inside of their dwellings are not where the actual leaks are occurring on top of the roofs In Costa Rica there are various types of finished roofing materials installed, and without a doubt, the

Jul , using local materials and contemporary strategies, the croft house achieves a poetic fluid form in the victorian landscape, both offering extensive for an energy efficient home with a naturally high fire rating the fluid roof system is built up of two dimensional planes constructed with battens, rafters, and

Sep , While, home maintenance may be the last thing you want to think about on a lazy Saturday, a little TLC will go a long way towards making your roof last for the Any appearance of sagging or leaning Obvious patches and cracks Torn, cracked, or missing shingles Damage or loose material around your