composite picket fence usa

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Oct , US B Abstract The present invention provides methods of analyzing and or displaying data In one aspect, the invention provides methods for Moreover, linear data can also be transformed as described herein to provide a more interpretable view instead of the picket fences that are

Feb , US A Abstract A cantilevered sliding gate made up of a number of panels is disclosed The panels are joined by post tensioning rods, carried It will be appreciated that a customer desiring a gate having a picket fence appearance could easily obtain additional support members and could

Aug , Rackable wood privacy fence panel US A Abstract A fence panel includes a pair of end caps and a pair of rails extending between the end caps Each rail includes a longitudinally extending groove A plurality of pickets extend between each pair of rails and are retained within the grooves.

May , A method of staining a wood or wood composite substrate comprising providing the stain of claim and applying the stain to the wood substrate The stain of Example was compared to commercial stains, CWF UV and Cuprinol Redwood, by application onto inĂ— in pieces of picket fence parts.

Feb , An apparatus for supporting a plurality of joists In one embodiment, the apparatus may include a joist rim having a web and first and second rim legs extending substantially perpendicularly from the web The apparatus may also include a plurality of joist attachment tabs integrally formed in the web Each of

Aug , It is a bit more busy than I originally intended, but this design gives us substantially more privacy So, we went from seven pickets to nineteen! We have since established a flower bed with six beautiful red knock out roses across the front These should really soften the bottom part of the visual How to Build a