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, Presented with a small space an urban courtyard or a roof patio I always devote considerable attention to structural plants With solid bones, such a small space will come to life and endure In this charming example, pencil shaped dwarf Italian cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens Tiny Tower ) lead

, Two, it serves as an access ramp to more parking within the Brix building, allowing parts of the first and second floor of the building to house parking stalls for residents Three, the roof of the garage is designed as a patio, accessible from the party room The roof structure is a blue green roof designed

, In cities such as New York, there s also the fact that rooftops can be communal patios that offer a rare bit of open space, which people are loath to give up There are lots of reasons we haven t seen as much urban solar development, says John Farrell, director of Democratic Energy at the Institute for

, The owners of this Seattle backyard had a clear picture of what they wanted for their outdoor space when they hired landscape architect Mark S Garff Patio floor Bluestone pavers had been installed on the property but were settling unevenly, so they were pulled up, cleaned and reinstalled on

, Located at the edge of the National Park Veluwezoom nature reserve in the Dutch town of Velp, the Patio House was formerly a rundown s villa Just this year As a zero energy building, the house has solar panels on its roof to provide energy for heating and electricity, eliminating the use of gas.

, The building s roof extends feet (six metres) from the end of the kitchen, forming an expansive, covered outdoor seating area with lake views and a fireplace Michigan Lake House by Desai Chia Architects The roof is designed to mirror the rolling countryside, in a playful reference to the vernacular

, Look to urban rooftops, walkways and street patches for small space gardening approaches that embrace what s nearby Urban gardens may have started as a way to link us to our rural roots, but we now can turn to the cities themselves for garden inspiration Modern Patio by Future Green Studio.

Green roof garden design and Green patio ideas for roofs are the beautiful latest trends in decorating modern buildings Ancient civilizations used the roof Roof garden design solves many problems in urban areas, defining the latest trends in modern architectural designs and landscaping Roof garden design ideas vary

, A terrace is very different in terms of accessibility when compared with a balcony as it describes a bigger surface, one that can have a single access way through a staircase on the roof for example, or multiple as two or more building volumes open towards it The private terrace in the urban environment

Discrete pieces of furniture rise up from the knotty cedar flooring, unfurling ribbons are scaled to human body proportions and shape lounge chairs The resulting surface is at once clearly man made yet soft and organic in the urban landscape At rooftop edges, the boards begin to warp sideways once more to create a

, The ground is a big amplifier of sound in small urban outdoor areas especially when it s made of concrete, metal or stone paving Integrate as many areas for ground covers as possible, either planted in the ground or in wide containers, to create a textured surface of plants that absorbs sound.

, Two coolers, folding prep surface, wine rack and d er storage, rustic wood design this patio bar gets my gold star of approval Which it obviously already Blitzen is a rooftop beverage chiller that combines the powers of cold weather and your commute to form a most innovative take on refrigeration.

, Green grass takes over the space in the warmer months The roof and adjacent patio are described as a party deck, which encourages vacationers to extend their stays throughout even the frigid months Related Elding Oscarson floats a green roofed home above a transparent, glass clad ground floor.

Mar , House MXMA Architecture Design Create a Contemporary Home with Elegant Wooden Surfaces in Montreal The result three two story townhouses with basements, topped by three condominiums each with a mezzanine and rooftop patio Urban comfort and a healthy environment This multi unit

, The project combined Seiter s passions for urban infill development, gardening and rooftop landscapes in an unbeatable locale Manhattan The result Cascading from the pool deck to the pool floor, the planters soften the transition into the lowest level while allowing easy access to the plants themselves.

, The engawa enables the spaces of the house to merge with the garden, the floor becoming a platform for entertaining, an outdoor corridor, an entry, a deck and a place for a seat The roof offers shade and acts as a frame for the landscape Contemporary Exterior Hojo In this project the engawa is present in

, He opted for the Cissus antarctica vine to create a labyrinth of natural benches and curtains, in allusion to Next s hydroponic system, explained Cervantes Cespedes Next Vegetales Hydroponic Plant by CC Arquitectos in León, Mexico A concrete roof slab extends over some of the courtyards, providing

, Before you start a patio building project, it s important to research your options and determine which material best suits your needs and abilities Choosing the Right Surface Material for Your Patio A burgundy leafed tree and red cushions complement this flagstone patio by Urban Oasis The color and

, This post is a reminder of that unoccupied space above your building that could be converted into a beautiful urban oasis As you probably imagine, building your own rooftop garden is not as easy as planting shrubs in the ground, but with research, good planning and determination, such a project could

, Threshold A roll up garage door links the interior with the exterior The existing interior floor was concrete, which the team kept They ground it down and added a clear coat to make it shiny Inside, the living room has a double height ceiling Roof extension A roof structure feet above the patio extends

Mar , Which surfaces are contributing to runoff Calculate the square footage of the roof, driveway, patio, walkways and other nonpermeable surfaces With cities being warmer than nonurban areas called the urban heat island effect trees can play an important role in regulating temperatures around the

Mar , While potted roses have additional watering and fertilizing requirements, they are wonderful for patios, decks and balconies, making them adaptable focal points in any size garden See our If you poke your finger into the soil surface and it s dry about inch down, it s time to water Fertilize every two

, The architects at Resolution Architecture created shadow play with the slat spacing of the pergola roof, wood siding and patio furniture Roll up garage doors, a kitchen pass through and concrete flooring indoors and out make the transition from inside the pool house to the patio as smooth as the

, These invisible panels can also be installed on top of buildings as a cool roof system similar to a living roof and as the patio surface for a rooftop garden This significantly contributes to lowering urban heat island effect and would lower air conditioning costs to the environment and to the consumer.

, Whether it s urban sp l and long commutes that have tempted you to move closer to the city center, or you are an empty nester who has developed a taste Interior tile and stone flooring can often be continued outside, or an existing concrete slab patio can be scored and stained to match interior flooring.