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Jun , I had a lot of small scrap pieces of old fence pickets I have made a lot of things over the years from a fence someone tore down as we rescued, including the fence around the chicken pen I made reclaimed wood floating shelves, the barn wood cabinet, added some behind my dining room mirror, and

Mar , Cement flooring (easy to clean) and chain link fence I secured the top with a double layer of chicken wire and built them a roosting grid ( x x square lengths about off the ground The square shape is easier for their talons to grasp than the rounded dowel type wood) I have lost zero hens at

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva creates a backyard chicken coop for a homeowner in Connecticut in Build It A track for the door can be made using scrap wood Attach the final side wall using inch ceramic screws Build a Use heavier fencing wire or hardware cloth I lost a bunny to a German

Apr , How to Make an Easy Reclaimed Barn Wood Frame Materials and Tools a picture frame, I used a simple × frame here Frames that don t have too much bumps will work better as you will see in later steps barn wood oh no, I see no barns in San Diego!! Well, these reclaimed fence wood are almost

People got to see several coop designs and see how your neighbors are raising their own chickens and getting fresh eggs Here s what the owners had And, I realized that instead of just slapping some plywood together, you have to account for the width of each piece of wood, and measure accordingly Same with every

May , Not only is it a nice chicken house, but it is combined with a great storage shed, and they both look so nice in Michelle s yard! See what I chicken coop! by Passion for Wood with Ana White s plans Here is a picture of the doors I built and the large door grooved myself with the skill saw DIY Chicken

Aug , I didn t make a picture, but we screwed down lengths of × where the chicken wire made a ° bend at the front and back The blocking wood let us pull the fencing much tighter than we could have with just staples It took some experimentation to figure out how to safely arch two panel What worked for us

I think perhaps the hottest thing in the modern homesteading trend right now is keeping chickens for both meat and eggs It isn t hard to start raising chickens I have access to an almost unlimited supply of used residential wood fence If there is a forum thread for this episode I ll post pics Paul Charlie

May , Step Gather and cut wood Wood Before To Make Antique Crate, MyLoveCreate Here are my boards, ready for cutting, I used this old curtain rod I had gotten somewhere for free for the handle I love to repurpose! You could used old fence boards too instead of buying them new Cutting Bottom And

Jun , I was at work during most of the building, but I did snap a few progress pics to give you an idea of how it was constructed We used × inch We were literally just at Home Depot this weekend looking at the cedar plank selection for a horizontal fence we want to build by our chicken yard You ve totally

Feb , Chicken garden And yes, as you can see, I blurbed the book So you know I already know I like it, and I ve already read all of its good advice and studied the very pretty pictures Now it s your turn! What s your advice for me Short of fencing off half the yard, how can I keep the girls out of my raised beds

Last summer, every time I d walk into my chicken coop, it felt like I was in Alfred Hitchcock s movie, The Birds This was a severe problem for me, I was feeding every sparrow in the county, and I just couldn t afford to continue, so gave my six hens to the guy that brings wood chips to me, and he put em in with his flock.

Feb , In the best pun I ve come across in a good while, the mobile version is called the sport coupe The roof is made of stainless steel or translucent fiberglass, there is also a green roof version pictured on the web site Wright, who built the first coop for his wife, collects the cedar from a fence contractor He says

Aug , Sometimes, a rancher will put boots on the fencepost to honor the passing of a beloved horse, a hired hand or fallen comrade Also, before telephones were invented, a rancher would indicate he was home and the workday was over by hanging boots on the fence So, I have good reason to leave my old

Raising ducks is different than raising chickens, although you can be successful raising ducks and chickens together Some modifications need to be addressed can stand up in the covered fenced run In order to protect your ducks from predators, consider higher fencing and covering the duck run with more wire fencing.

Jul , My friend Gina from Lady Goats emailed me a while back about collaborating on a new chicken coop plan or cedar fence pickets ripped to and width for siding and trim sheet of ? plywood, exterior grade (for coop bottom) of wide chicken wire and staples sets of exterior hinges

Aug , Unfortunately, even the GA welded wire fence of our own chicken run did not keep out raccoons () xs () xs () × to fit diagonally across the gate Screws to wood screws to attach wood frame Screws screws for the L brackets Fencing material to fit wooden gate frame

Nov , Build a set of rustic D wood trees for Christmas and winter decorating, using a couple of old reclaimed wood fence boards and your miter saw Step Set up your saw Remodelaholic D Christmas Trees Cut Pictures () Adjust your saw to degrees Clamp your scrap piece of x onto the

Aug , I love the simplicity of this weathered gray painted fence with wide chicken wire It s practically For backyards where you re looking for a bit more privacy, tall solid wood fences are great when paired with an open top section A bit of negative space golden retriever! Rustic Landscape by HOPE DESIGNS.

Nov , The Restaurant The last of Midtown Atlanta s traditional tea rooms the genteel Southern colloquialism for women owned restaurants this local standby features walls lined with photos of local personalities and a friendly in house amabassador, Jo Carter, who wanders the dining room, offering

Several years ago my wife and I redecorated our youngest son s room to look like a barn yard complete with a barn, split rail fence, and mural walls Last year we moved out youngest son in with his older brother so that they would be able to have a playroom As anyone can imagine a two year old and a four year old can

Oct , Use up that pile of salvaged, reclaimed, or scrap wood with these easy projects rustic farmhouse pallet wood and chicken wire message board Seeking Lavender Lane Using wood in a variety Shutters make a window look so much better Simply Vintageous made hers out of fence wood (We used