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days ago Barker modified the layout of the parlor floor to open up the kitchen to the dining room, but kept the other walls in their original locations The rear windows were all changed to nine foot tall French doors with transoms that opened onto a balcony, which was created by extending the fire escape landing,

Oct , And in , she hired architect Tzur Barak to gut the space and rebuild it into a home tailored to her lifestyle The design they chose prioritized light, air circulation and space, and integrated a large kitchen, a soundproof recording studio, a home theater, a small garden and an elevator, rebuilding the home

Dec , With that in mind, Mukoyama Architectural Design Studio put the home s main living area on the second and third floors, to allow for plenty of light One of the owners likes to read or surf the web with a cup of tea on the balcony, and he jokes that having the hammock so close makes it tempting to take a

Feb , Although Jimbaran, located just up the road, is widely recognized for sunsets and fresh seafood, Bingin is my number one when it comes to watching the sky Many don t actually make it to the beach, however, since a somewhat tricky path winds around restaurants and surfboard ding repair shops, down

Mar , Miyako City atown of about , people, was miles from the epicentre of the quake that caused that tsunami, and not as badly affected as Minami Sankiru, where everything in sight has been flattened The video was shot from the balcony of a high rise building where a number of residents took

Apr , On the other end of the oceanfront promenade, Rich Resner, , sits on a balcony of his under construction home on Oceanside Ave reading a newspaper The co op has been terrific, but I have to vacate soon, and I m pushing my contractor to at least finish the top floor so me and my wife can move in.

Apr , Our local municipal office boasted a large sign across the ground floor boasting Cuba, prosperous and sustainable but the second floor has many broken windows belying the Cuba needs an influx of foreign money to help repair and rebuild the crumbling infrastructure, it is a third world country after all.

Jul , The causes of the accident, including the scope and legal status of any building going on in the interior of the apartment on the first floor, are under investigation, concluded the statement The area The buildings and facades that Leal s office is striving to repair are only a small portion of a huge disaster.

Nov , Federal and state tax dollars have paid to rebuild beaches many times over the past years so they are protected from hurricanes However, as As anyone who lives along salt water knows, salt gets into the concrete and causes major repairs to the walkways, balconies, and parking garages Seawalls

Apr , The contemporary aesthetic was mainly my idea, with the concession that there had to be an Aga [stove], Stuart adds The middle link building is a timber To the rear of the barn is the master bedroom with dressing room and en suite bathroom, and a first floor study with balcony Skylights let in plenty of

Jun , Maintenance Occasional repairs, including repairing cracks and resetting loose stones, are sometimes needed Shown A mortared stone wall made from local serpentine stone quarried in southeastern Pennsylvania Rustic Patio by Kaplan Thompson Architects Kaplan Thompson Architects Stone types

Mar , But a few months later, Hurricane Sandy hit the town hard, and they had feet of water on the first floor They gained a cozy landing along the front entry where they can chat with neighbors, many of whom are interested in and inspired by the rebuilding Beach Style Family Room SANDY MY COPY.

Nov , For instance, pattern number Balconies and porches less than feet deep are hardly ever used. Therefore make balconies wider than feet I used this pattern language to design our own house and my studio and both are structures that people love to be in Among the many fancy homes I have

Jan , While Ninelle was still living in a small mother in law unit in Seattle, he updated the interior himself by painting the walls, staining the floors, replacing the baseboards and installing central air When he finished, he said he wanted to wait for his other half to decorate the place with him, Ninelle says.

Dec , My Houzz Copper Tones Warm an Amsterdam Apartment To avoid having the place feel too moody, Anja advised de Zwart to paint the dark wooden floors white At first he It s hard to imagine, but this wall used to be covered with a floor to ceiling built in wooden bookcase, made by the former owner.