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, The cellular decking unit is assembled from upper and lower metal sheets arranged so as to provide laterally open channels The channels are When assembled, the upper section of each unit caps the corrugated lower section of the adjacent unit to provide a cellular construction See for example U.S

, However these panels are heavier and therefore more expensive to manufacture Since the exterior wythes are made from To create a roof system that can withstand hurricane force winds, concrete is typically poured on top of the corrugated metal deck Then, insulation is attached to the top of the

, A seismic and fire resistant interior head of wall structure installed between a ceiling formed of a metal deck having an exposed undersurface that defines a plurality of Hand cutting of the upper region of the wall to follow the convolutions of the corrugated, fluted decking is extremely labor intensive.

, Cellular steel flooring is provided which includes corrugated steel decking and separately applied cover plates which establish a lengthwise cell in cooperation with a valley and the two connecting sloping sidewalls The resulting cellular steel decking permits distribution of electrical wiring or ventilation air

, Typical steel joists may include those outlined by the SSMA (Steel Stud Manufacturer s Association) for use in corrugated steel deck systems, or proprietary systems, such as those sold by Dietrich as TRADE READY Brand joists Joist spacing of inches ( cm) is common However, spans between joists

, A reinforced concrete deck structure particularly adaptable for bridge spans is made up of superimposed layers of concrete with a corrugated metal pan metal pan which is interposed between concrete layers of the slab and which further lends itself well to precasting in slab sections at a manufacturing

, In one embodiment, the panels are screwed to a corrugated underlayment In an alternative Also, the panels can be fabricated with a metal foil backing which acts as a radiation shield during a fire Screws must be long enough to pass through a fireproofing panel and roof decking However

, Improved corrugated steel decking of the type having plural crest surfaces, plural valley surfaces and plural sloping web surfaces connecting each crest surface to the adjoining valley surface An inwardly depressed groove is provided in each of the sloping web surfaces adjacent to the crest surface.

, A flooring system including horizontal metal framing members, for example, C joists, U joists, open web joists, HAMBRO or other metal frame systems that support a reinforced, lightweight, dimensionally stable SCP panel The flooring system is non combustible, water durable, mold and rot resistant, termite

, Other recent examples of such roll formed composite sheet metal decking units will be found in WASS U.S Pat No ,, TING U.S Pat No ,, and STOHS U.S Pat No ,, Other building units having flat regions requiring stiffening against buckling, include corrugated roof deck, and

, Shear resistance or resistance to lateral forces is provided by a single continuous metal sheet either flat or corrugated (a deck type sheet) fastened to the steel studs or alternatively diagonal or V shaped bracing Connectors between the wall panels provide a gap for a continuous concrete floor..

, The popularity of steel decking may be attributed to its suitable characteristics with regard to live load, span, fire rating, compatibility with electrical and telephone circuits and ceiling materials, and its relatively low cost Steel decking is generally available in the form of corrugated or ribbed panels or sheets

, Typically, a corrugated metal pan or decking (shown in FIG ) rests on top of top chords of joists , and may be secured thereto by any suitable means such as welds or screws Concrete is then poured over top of decking and, when cured, forms concrete floor Reinforcing material may be

, This office by Freshwest features an inverted roof, corrugated metal siding and a folding glass door, that opens on to the River Teifi in west Wales Freshwest creates corrugated iron office on a riverside terrace in Wales Internal furniture manufacture Nicholas Alexander Heating Zehnder Lighting

United States Patent [ Folley e , BUILDING STRUCTURE FORMED OF FLAT CORRUGATED STEEL DECKING Inventor Milo D Folley, Liverpool, US , , , , , Wonder Steel Manufacturing International (Ontario) Limited, Combined spacer and transverse reinforcing beam.

Mar , The present invention is an improvement to the manufacture of cast in situ foundation wall panels which saves manufacturing cost by using a simple, single cut Panel is a common galvanized steel corrugated panel such as those commonly used for roof decking or floor decking in building construction.

, Photo shows a second roof being added to a school building in southeastern Wisconsin The original school was built in , with a pitched roof on rafters and roof boards Four additions were built between and , with flat roofs supported by steel bar joists and corrugated steel or wood roof

, The completed project includes reconditioned columns and girders in its exposed steel frame, reused corrugated metal deck to support roofs and floors, and salvaged curved wood glue laminated roof beams, which were overlapped to create a south facing clerestory Even a ton pedestrian bridge is

, A corrugated skateboard deck and method of corrugating skateboard decks in the skateboard deck manufacturing process The corrugated skateboard deck has elongated corrugations embossed into at least one of its top and bottom surfaces and generally extending between first and second ends of the

, and , the third environmental embodiment of pre existing building construction is comprised of corrugated (metal) decking supported by a combination of masonry wall and parallel spaced apart purlins As in the previous embodiment, the channel sections are utilized for supporting blanket

, A wall structure according to claim wherein said ceiling is formed of an expansive metal deck member in which a plurality of concave, downwardly facing channel shaped Hand cutting of the upper region of the wall to follow the convolutions of the corrugated, fluted decking is extremely labor intensive.