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Aug , There are many options for sustainable decking materials, but redwood is one of the best! Naturally rot resistant wood is wonderful stuff, but this type of wood has become increasingly expensive, forcing people to search for more cost effective alternatives Patio Pavers Composite Decking Flooring a

Jul , If you ve ever thought about turning your cement porch into a wood deck, it s surprisingly easy! of building a wooden deck atop an existing cement patio, the lightbulb went off for her, and she asked me, Why couldn t you do this on the front porch, too I used the following materials for this project .

Nov , While generally more expensive upfront than decking, stone patios require little annual maintenance, making them valuable long term investments A properly Cost range Cost varies widely, depending on the materials selected, size of the patio, where you live and the difficulty of the site for installation.

Aug , Materials Used for Prep Work × s (form work) Grade Stakes ( apart on the curves and on the straight forms) Duplex Nails Deck Screws ( for some form work) Expansion Joint Board (for up against the house) Spray Paint (laying out the design)

Concrete costs more, it weights a ton, and the ground preparation required to get concrete steps level is more difficult than other step material Concrete stairs can settle These would be excellent steps if you already have a patio for your mobile home, but still need those extra steps from the patio deck to your front door.

Feb , Additional outdoor projects that render percent cost recovery include an overall landscape upgrade, new patio, new deck, and softscape upgrade The actual cost of each remodeling projects and cost recovery are influenced by many factors including project design, quality of materials, location, age