where can i buy reclaimed wood in philippines

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Aug , It appears someone has just done what we all secretly wanted buy a bus, rip the seats out, fit it with beds and tour the country with friends and family Meet Hank, an architecture student, The furniture is simple wood and the floor is made of reclaimed gym flooring None of the structures built go above the

Apr , The tabletop is made from abaca finer and was created by artists in the Philippines Hairpin Industrial Vintage Reclaimed Wood Hairpin Leg Table Rough Luxe Interiors Wood and Iron Home Industrial Birch Ply Dining Table and Benches Hairpin Legs Wood and Industrial Furniture Birch Ply

Jan , Reclaimed wood is made from preserving and re using old wood, often for home and commercial interiors Wood Reclaim Detroit works to deconstruct these homes safely, providing wood for other companies in the area, and also creating wooden candle sets, You can order a pair for around .

Littlebits is a new electronic building toy for kids, it brings the simplicity of the classic building block to the world of electronics, making science technology fun and accessible Littlebits lets kids turn technology inside out Color coded elect.

Jul , Located on South Bass Island in Lake Eerie at Put in Bay, Ohio, the home consists of a former Great Lakes Shipping Boat that was built by Henry Ford and saw years of service before it was moved onto the lot Or, you could just craft recycled wood into an amazing house that just looks like a ship.

Apr , Highways have always had one job get drivers from point A to point B But soon, we won t regard the single function road as a good investment, says Allie Brick Board transforms salvaged hardware and reclaimed wood and brick in Maryland into covetable products to sell to designers, architects, and

Oct , It s fairly common for homeowners to undertake some sort of renovation or demolition over the summer months But then, that leaves the issue of dealing with all the leftover scrap wood and lumber You can get rid of it by offering it for free online or by paying to have it taken to the dump, but in the interest of

Nov , U.S military and typhoon aid U.S Marine Corps aircraft arrive at Villamor Airbase in Manila, Philippines, to deliver humanitarian aid to victims of Typhoon Haiyan on Monday, November Hide Caption Typhoon Haiyan Survivors salvage wood next to stranded ships in Tacloban on November .

Sep , The said municipality held also the title of Wood Work Capital of the Philippines Innumerable manufacturers located within the town are exporting such great products From simple design to complicated details of each artwork, named it and you can find it here You can also order a customized made

Nov , James Reynolds and his production crew arrive in Tacloban just to film the super typhoon They change hotels three times, only to find themselves filming rescues in flooded hotel Water, water, everywhere, yet nary enough to put out a fire in town, he recounts Then, in the blackout after the storm, the sky is

Mar , visitors to the medieval town of Cesky Krumlov find a charming artist s haven with as much character as the town itself Krumlov House has private lodgings for (no dorms), is powered with solar energy and has a renovated interior partially built with reclaimed wood Energy saving appliances, air dried

Nov , Photos Typhoon Haiyan A man reconstructs his house in the bay of Tacloban, Leyte province, Philippines, on Wednesday, November , Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms on record, hit the country s eastern seaboard on November , leaving a wide swath of destruction, including

Apr , Although you can use any type of wood for this project, I was going for a rustic look, so I chose reclaimed wood I cut three boards into inch long pieces and drilled four holes at the corners ? inches from the short end and one inch from the long edge nautical shelf I wanted a weathered look, so I lightly

Dec , I am a mask maker puppeteer based in Brooklyn NYC I am teaching theater in Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines this Spring, and learning more about artistic communities and traditional art forms there I will be working with a variety of wonderful organizations, communities, and artists, such as

Aug , Using reclaimed wood from vacant buildings, Wallace Detroit Guitars turns the city s history into music making works of art About a decade into his real estate career, he came across a nonprofit that worked with homeless people and taught them how to properly salvage materials from the blighted, often

Apr , Designer Aaron Harper Lee Photography Kamin Jaroensuk Project Type Student Project School Academy of Art University Course Packaging II Tutor Tom McNulty Location Palo Alto, USA Packaging Contents Powder Paint, Tools, Apron, Tool Roll, Paint Box Packaging Materials Reclaimed Wood,

Dec , Exposed brick walls, naked light bulbs, a copper topped barroom and long, reclaimed wood tables complete the look The hall holds four self contained restaurants, with open kitchens and communal tables There s a bar at night, and a coffee bar in the morning Find a spot at one of the seats, and pick

Nov , A man reconstructs his house in the bay of Tacloban, Leyte province, Philippines, on Wednesday, November , Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms on record, hit the country s eastern seaboard on November , leaving a wide swath of destruction, including more than , deaths.

Dec , utilizing pieces of reclaimed wood, italian artist giovanni longo has transformed the found objects into the fragile skeletons series creating a bond between the osseous and the ligneous elements, the works represent symbolic skeletons of various animals, weakened by the grafts of time the process

Mar , Along the same lines, Los Angeles based based Designer Furniture Rental, exclusive furniture provider to big Classic Party Rentals, plans to introduce a furniture collection with a reclaimed wood design, notes Maureen Harkness, Classic senior account manager The Cadillac wall from Rrivre Works,