tongue groove wall cladding

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Oct , Centria s panel systems provide a high strength, low weight, insulated backup wall The panels are interconnected using a tongue and groove system located at the connection of the inner and outer facing sheets The wall anchor fits within the juncture of adjacent panels, maintaining the strong interlock of

Feb , I found this is a little confusing, as the stone wall cladding generally goes on to a solid base (say, bricks or breeze blocks) The cladding on wooden sheds is fixed straight to the frame It is the walls of the shed and it can be divided into three types overlap, rebated cladding and tongue and groove varieties.

Jul , A wall cladding and wall cladding system each comprising a plurality of panels, wherein opposing ends of each panel are substantially aligned with In addition there is rather parallel looking tongue arrangement (on the alternate edge) that is configured to engage a corresponding groove formation

Mar , The connection means may include a tongue formed in one said side of the cladding and a groove formed in an opposing said side Advantageously, the configuration of the constructional elements allows for improved construction of a panel or wall for use as a sidewall, floor, retaining wall, etc .

Mar , A method for attaching a panel to a wall using an elongated channel, the panel comprising a main panel portion, a panel edge portion and a groove silicone , to the edges of the composite panels a and b, which have been machined in tongue and groove fashion to receive the side rails.

Feb , It would recall some of the basement s previous pine paneling, but appear fresh and interesting With you lovely reclaimed tongue and groove flooring (look at salvage yards, Craigslist, and Freecycle) It is not necessary to screw in every plank since they are kept in place with the tongue and groove.

Jan , The cladding assembly of claim , wherein said frame element comprises an eave strut at a transition between the roof and the wall of the building, and By way of example spacer can be configured to give the panels edges a tongue n groove, or ship lap characteristic increasing the performance of

Nov , The curtain wall system includes displaceable vertical splines, which when displaced release the opposite vertical side edges of any selected panel A first or outer dry gasket seal means is provided having a keying portion which is received in a first gasket receiving groove provided in that face