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Dec , Delivered as recently as by Greece based, Golden Yachts as O Pari , the meter superyacht was sold earlier this week at an asking price of Launched in as Elandess by Abeking Rasmussen, the meter superyacht boasts and exterior design by Donald Starkey and an interior by

Feb , The metre long bridge is proposed across London s River Thames, featuring full size trees and planting beds on its deck It is currently expected to cost at least £ million, with £ million coming from the government Almost £ million battle last year Thomas Heatherwick s Garden Bridge design

May , In areas such as northern Minnesota, footers need to be at least deep, so check the code for your area before digging Steve s crew dug each hole By making the deck just a little shorter, Steve can purchase composite boards and provide a more cost effective solution Here are some images

Jul , In essence, cars of this category will be cheaper by per cent (Before insurance and registration charges) While this segment doesn t get a tax slab as low as the sub meter petrol segment for cars with engines less than litre segment, it too is one of the least tax slab for cars and SUVs with an

Nov , Here s the dirt on a prefabricated plastic earth sheltered home design you can buy off the shelf Lloyd Alter Their system addresses the problems of weight and cost installed A typical GREEN MAGIC HOME has an average of centimeters between walls and deck, which would give an R factor of .

Sep , Because rigid sails would be ideal for ocean going freighters with crews too small to manage canvas sails, Atkinson became intrigued with the design challenge You can harness the power of the wind, Atkinson said, without incurring the expense of a big crew You lose something in power, he said, but

Oct , A design from Vestvaerftet in Denmark was chosen for the new series of three at the request of charterers Dolphin Geophysical Whereas the metre Danish design resembles the fishing t ler more, the metre Dutch design offers more free deck space The general deck arrangement is, however,

Aug , With a deck width of meters ( feet), the span is also one of the widest in the world The bridge deck Ninety five km ( miles) of freeways and another km ( miles) of new access roads connect to the span, which cost billion Turkish lira ( billion U.S.) to build A PBS NewsHour report

Aug , The storey tower will be divided into nine vertical zones, with retail at the bottom and hotels, cultural facilities and observation decks at the top The building already towers over neighbouring buildings including the metre high, pagoda shaped Jin Mao Tower by SOM, and the metre high

Using a scope of five, determine how many feet of chain you should put out to anchor in fathoms of water a feet ( meters) b feet ( meters) c feet ( meters) d feet ( meters) On a vessel with a single propeller, transverse force has the most effect on the vessel when the engine is put

Jan , The metre skyscraper includes residences, offices, a hotel and an observation deck on the th floor More than leading consultants including South Korea s Samsung Corporation and New York based Turner Construction International realised the design for Burj Khalifa by Chicago based

Sep , Freestanding glass enclosed china cabinets are still readily available however, the design here shows a built in that serves this purpose on the wall Leaving to in ( to cm) beyond the edge of a table can be sufficient for this type of layout Contemporary Dining Room by Unique Home

Jul , Multi deck seating configuration significantly reduces per passenger operating cost over existing technology Less fuel per passenger is required since there is less airframe weight and wetted area per passenger Due to the lower overall cost per passenger seat within the multi deck seating structure, the

Apr , Sogno Design Group Houzz at a Glance Location Berkeley, California Who lives here Geoff Lomax, who oversees grants for stem cell research Sabina Aurilio, a learning specialist and their year old son, Marco Size About , square feet ( square meters) bedrooms, bathrooms Cost

Maximum width of supporting base plates is mm Horizontal Clearance minside curb to inside curb Vertical Clearance meters from deck surface (overhead clearance) Depth of Understructure Maximum of mm at center span and mm at support base measured from top surface of deck to lowest point of

Jul , Pierre Cardin cancels plans to build the futuristic storey Palais Lumière skyscraper in Venice, following public and government opposition on Venice s mainland in the former industrial area of Porto Marghera and was to boast swimming pools, gardens and ponds on the upper decks and a helipad on

The design allows the electronics to survive , times the force of gravity as the shell leaves the gun Excalibur is The company continually works with suppliers to reduce the cost of the projectile Over the last seven years Raytheon has cut Excalibur s cost by percent, all while increasing its capabilities and range.

Sep , Dimensions The backyard is about by feet ( by meters), including the planted areas the patio is a little less than by feet ( by meters) Material Bluestone pavers Cost per square foot, including materials and installation Traditional Deck by Suk Design Group LLP Suk Design

Jun , It s too bad that building like this costs so much more nowadays But I still think Notice how the bedroom has its own exit out to the deck I love tiny houses but I also love small houses and I hope that the tiny house movement can also encourage the design and development of more homes like this one.

Feb , The plants will also produce about kilograms of oxygen per day To help put that into perspective, the average person needs kilograms of oxygen per day, according to NASA One of the towers will rise meters and be topped with a green lantern while the other tower will rise meters.

May , At meters, the M V Maersk Mc Kinney M??ller, as she ll be called, is significantly longer than any aircraft carrier or even the Titanic, and only slightly shorter than the Empire State Building is high Standing on her bridge is like peering over the rim of the Grand Canyon From her highest deck, shipyard

Jul , Dezeen Wire a skyscraper by fashion designer Pierre Cardin is set to be constructed in Venice, which at metres high will be more than twice the height of the bell tower of St Mark s Basilica Palais Lumiere by Pierre Cardin and Rodrigo Basilicati The storey Palais Lumière will comprise three

The designeras thoughts were to design a yacht that would surpass ALL others There are accommodations for approximately crew and staff and operational staff (heli pilots, security staff etc.) located on the forward lower decks Every suite will have private terraces There are large lounge areas and a dining room

Sep , Location Urban yard in San Francisco Size Overall backyard is by feet ( by meters) deck is by feet ( by meters) A cracked concrete parking lot found new life as a lush enclosed patio and deck space in San Francisco s Mission neighborhood Landscape designer Beth Mullins

Aug , BIG unveils plans for Cactus Towers beside new Copenhagen IKEA Named after the distinctive spiked outline created by their rotated floorplates, the Cactus Towers will stand at and metres tall The roof deck will stretch out towards the base of the two towers, sheltering the store s forecourt.