wood floor around toilet is discolored

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My wife and I just bought our house, and the first thing we want to do is repair the floors From everything The floors look like they have not been properly cared for in a long while (that s the worst area, but there is discoloration and marks everywhere) I would I love to DIY around the house I have torn

oh it will be in the thousands but it shouldn t require actual structural work it could require replacing of a wood floor if it can t be saved Long story short, there was NO damage upstairs to flooring or trim and the downstairs ceiling (uninsulated) had tape pops and minor discoloration, but all said, dried out

Sep , PLUMBING REPAIR leak at base of toilet fixed ,loose toilet,closet bolts just spinning , I put a hydroseat under my grandpa s toilet instead of the funnel wax since the flange is below the floor I have read that some toilets don t and people said they just siliconed them to the floor and sealed it Will this be

Grout Bully claims to clean and renew dirty or stained tile grout on contact To apply Grout Bully, press the built in applicator against grout lines, wipe off any excess, and allow to dry We tested Grout Bully on dirty grout lines in a tile bathroom floor While our test appeared promising at first, the discoloration in the grout came

Oct , I ve shared several of them below, including shots of the kitchen, bathroom, and living area Floor under it is discolored so it must be some oily residue, dirt would have been cleaned up The one in front of partition wall requires inch clearance to rear wall and side to wood bin without shields.

Jul , If You Have Stubborn Kitchen Bathroom Stains, You Need To Try This Miracle Cleaner You know, the guy who goes around spraying everything and everyone with Windex, and claims that it s the cure for everything! There is a bit of remaining discoloration on the pan, but that s not a problem for me.

Dec , To fix it I simply taped around the corner, caulked (with caulk made specifically for showers), and smoothed out with a baby wipe before removing the tape How to Having just had all of our downstairs floors replaced,, we re moving upstairs to attack , which has been lurking in the upstairs bathroom.

Toilet paper Quite a bit of time (So, maybe your favorite show to binge watch) I had previously tried everything under the rainbow to clean this grout I decided to use the Bright White in the shower (really just to touch up a few spots) glass block and Delorean Gray on the floors (in hindsight, I wish I would have gone a

Jun , For more than two decades, Ryan has spent time sanding, painting and stenciling the walls and floors of the home She s filled each room with Remnants of the floor s hard knock life remain in the form of glue stains, but Ryan has decided to leave the discoloration alone The floors are still pending, she

Gently probe the soil around your plant, or lift it out of the pot, to see if the roots are packed and circling If your hibiscus needs repotting, use a light, Insect Infestation Spider mites and aphids are two major pests of hibiscus that can cause leaf damage and discoloration Look for spider mites on the underside of leaves,

Mar , My paper bag floors one year later Save Just as a refresher, here is the floor the day I finished it brown paper floor Save And here it is today Paper bag floor a year We also had a leak under a bathroom sink that spilled out onto the floor, and sat for some time before we found it It made the floor peel

Apr , This should by thick enough that it sticks to the sides of the toilet bowl rather than just sliding down into the water {just add a little more Borax if it is not thick enough} Use a toothbrush to scrub away any grime around the rim and siphon jets To get up a little further into the jets, soak a paper towel with the

May , The wood ceiling itself is in pretty great shape, there is one spot that had leaking issues that has discolored the wood, but from what we can tell it just needs to be sanded and restained to match Man is wish i could go into that floor plan and move it around is ur master closet going to be UNDER the loft.

Jan , Areas such as the kitchen sink or the clothes washer now that we know how easily we can take care of the bathroom sinks and tubs Not a big deal How to Clean Laminate Flooring! This post I really hate this yellow water stains in the bathroom and I have tried to clean them multiple times with no result.

Dec , Tis the holiday season, and many of us have company coming at one time or another If your house is anything like my house, we can vacuum one day and then wonder how it got so dirty again the next! If you find yourself exclaiming, Company is coming, and this house is a mess! then here are Quick

An archaeological report into the woods area was carried out in by Engineering Archaeological Services Ltd entitled Coed Marl Hall, Esgryn Archaeological Assessment A small inlet rift passage ran north west under the quarry floor until a few boulders barred progress, but was seen to be open beyond.

I knew there would be a good chance that there would still be some fleas hanging around in there and I right I have found only so far but I know it only takes one to get everything going again and I also have no idea what the egg or larvae situation is I have no carpets just hardwood floors I had area rugs down but have

Jul , It worked so well I ve tried it on all sorts of other things around the RV with also great results Note This RV I m likely the main culprit with my dirty hands from working around the trailer and truck Simple By diluting it with water, Simple Green can be used to clean our vinyl floors and RV walls It s also

It just takes lots of elbow grease or what we call around my house a good old fashioned Scrub A Rama. In a nutshell, you have to Scraping Start by using a wooden or plastic scraper to work loose any whole roots and stems that are still attached, being careful not to damage the mortar Scrubbing Once you re down to