building deck gates for dogs

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Jun , Pet s Place Gigi The upside to a smooth surface is that her toys and random pieces of string easily glide across the floor when she bats them around, making for hours of entertainment Pet s Place Gigi New personality Gigi is Radermacher s second cat, and she has a different personality from Mikal, her

Aug , We wanted to secure the gate directly to the brick of the house, so we brainstormed a few ideas, including just making a gate entirely from wood, even though it wouldn t match the railing But Tom was Now the dogs have free rein to hang out on the deck and enjoy the fresh air It s also great when we re

Mar , We have a standing policy that as much as possible, Emmy goes in and out through the back door for walks and small animal chasing in the backyard This has occasionally been lifted, when a tree limb fell on our back gate, and when they were building the deck, but for the most part, when we had to go in

Dec , Jenna sets up a space just for the foster in her home office, and the couple install child gates to keep areas of the home closed off to the new pups Home tip Have lots of dog beds around the house, especially if you have multiple pets That way, everyone can have their own space to relax in while staying

Mar , In Toronto, Canada at the Liberty Village Condos, someone left their dog locked out of their apartment on the th floor of their building It was really cold outside, and the dog was clearly suffering, as neighbors said you could hear his howling from blocks away The dog was brought indoors when the police

Nov , A black Labrador retriever named Mister is the seventh puppy raised by Michelle Chun at her home in Alhambra, California, for Guide Dogs for the Blind, a service dog organization based in San Rafael, California, that relies mostly on volunteers to begin the guide dog process During their basic training,

Nov , They teamed up with a cat loving contractor, Robert Knox of Rock Construction, to make these stairs and extend the ledge above the window We re looking for pets that join their owner on the job, pets that may have a space built just for them or simply a fantastic photo of your pet in an interesting home

Nov , Custom cabinetry that honors the feline form is both fun and functional, and it keeps nasty cat litter odors at bay Eclectic Deck by Heather Garrett Design Heather Garrett Design Raleigh, North Carolina If your dog must wait outside for you when you re away, a stylish house of its own that offers shelter and

Oct , Here are some ideas for getting your pets hangouts and bedding ready for the cooler temperatures in ways that are attractive to humans Contemporary Kitchen by Portico Design Group Portico Design Group Build them their own nook Cutouts like this circular one make the pet part of the decor .

Mar , Scroll through the photos of Houzz long enough and you ll realize that, next to our homes, we all really, really love our pets Witt Construction After a day outside, hose em down in their own dog themed bathroom (complete with wallpaper) Tip So you don t have the square footage to devote a whole