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, The Highsnobiety inboxes are inundated every day with new brands vying for a piece of the spotlight So, to help you show off your vast knowledge of obscure fashion labels, each month we take a moment to introduce you to a fresh batch of upcoming talent Below you ll find some of the best collections to

, Stone or light gray A very light gray will go beautifully with warm wood tones and chalky walls Stone is a great backdrop for items with a flare of color Natural linen Although technically not a color, this material has a distinguishing look that identifies it instantly It s as versatile as black I can t think of

, So it takes a very brave, and rather innovative approach to go totally the other way, and instead show no imagery at all That s exactly what Grey London has done in its new campaign for Tate Britain, where poignant prose invites people to consider the stories behind the artworks, then view them in person

, Try a fringe it s like natural Botox, but don t assume it will suit everyone Be realistic, listen to your stylist s advice and make a plan. So what should I be doing about those new arrivals that just want to stand up and wave hello to the world If you have short, grey fly aways standing up along your parting,

, Let Etsy merchandising specialist (and in house style guru) Kelsey Taylor Hunt point you to the up and coming fashion designers on Etsy that she s most excited about Wool jumper, Handmade wool sweater, Natural light grey wool sweater, Hand knitted wool top, Organic wool pullover,Soft wool sweater.

Flirtatious ability a sense of style Peacocks have evolved their colorful plumes through sexual selection , or the female s choice of the most elaborately decorated male Peahens (the females of the species) are drab in comparison Flirt Rating Common Peafowl from the collection of Academy of Natural

, This week s Style Inspiration is slightly different, but I have a feeling nearly every TSLL reader, regardless of your age or body type will find inspiration when they go to their closets after having perused today s selection of images I am tickled to introduce to you Street Style blogger Beth Djalali, who is the

, Customize the presentation of the standard Google map by applying your own styles when using the Google Static Maps API You can change the visual display of features such as roads, parks, built up areas, and other points of interest Change their color or style to emphasize particular content,

, I m intrigued about going grey completely because I haven t seen my natural hair colour in years I ve been thinking of growing it out anyway It s not in good condition so could probably do with lopping off I think Theresa s style might suit me I m hoping I love it so I can save myself a fortune on hair

Mar , It s a classic that coordinates with all metals, the sea of gray we have specified again and again, not to mention many wood tones It also integrates well into Between all of these places, one is never at a loss for modern and classic ideas in natural beauty, home, art, food and fashion The look of marble is

, At speakeasy style joint Standby, whose hidden entrance is off a graffiti covered alleyway, Rob has a drink cocktail menu that has never disappointed me. That extensive menu pairs beautifully with a selection of internationally inspired bar bites Rigato s usual order here is a classic Old Fashioned that

, Let s ask, if you go gray, will you need to make other changes in your style In particular, will you need to change your They all look very natural looking with my skin tone (even the bronzer!) and the soft, moisterizing texture doesn t sink into my creases This isn t exactly makeup but I did treat myself to

, I have tried unsuccessfully to cover grey roots at home and now want to go grey gracefully Do you have any tips Her new style took years off We introduced one from Revlon Use the pencil to trace the natural arch and fill in any gaps, and then use the sheer tinted gel to brush the brows into shape.

, Most American style guides call for gray, not grey, and that s always what I ve used But like I said, grey just feels better to me, so today I m announcing a momentous change in official Uni Watch policy As of right now, I m going to start Got a selection of s NFL kids winter gloves right here.

Mar , The space is designed beautifully in soothing grays and soft whites with fabulous copper accent lighting, curated art collections and a great selection of local artisanal items ranging from bath products, to chic home accessories, to jewelry It was quite the little treasure trove in there lou grey lou grey

, The main bathroom floor we chose was Home Depot Traffic Master x in Sidewalk Natural The grout we planned on using was TEC DeLorean Grey attempting to match the tile color For the For the shower floor we went with Style Selections Mitte Gray Porcelain Tile in a x mosic This tile was a

, Photographer and visual artist Antti Karppinen dodges and burns his photos using a single natural gray layer in Overlay blending mode By sharing these Here s a selection of Karppinen s photos, with each one followed by the gray layer that shows how it was dodged and burned Usually people

Mar , White windows because, of the color selections for aluminum clad wood, white seemed the most classic We have buff y stacked stone entry and patio and one jutted out accent wall close by European style architecture with many angles Biggest problem is the car garage doors that only came in sick

, But I didn t really like the new style of shingles! But I knew I would not be happy if I had a roof on my home that has shades of blue and green or a shimmery brown, or even gray and pink shingles like in the below samples I Natural color roofs are a safer selection (if resale is anywhere in the horizon).

Mar , Violetwhich happens to be in the creative hands of former Seattle Met Bride and Groom art director Samantha Gardneraims to help couples hone in on their wedding style with its easy to use design tools Brides and grooms can browse through Violet s selections of style and mood themes that offer up

His full head of grey started to regain its natural colour in two weeks Canadians can buy it online, but access isn t the concern, says Dr Peter Vignjevic, a Hamilton dermatologist Enzymes taken orally can break down in the stomach How would they get to your hair without being changed Also, any new formulation, even

, How much would you bet that these two blocks are different shades of grey It seems obvious that they are not the same, but place one finger along the centre of the line blocking the darker and lighter parts, and your eyes will begin to tell the truth The two blocks are, in fact, the exact same colour and only