redoing kitchen cabinets on a budget

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Jul , If you ve ever been through a kitchen remodel or even considered doing one, then you are probably aware that new cabinetry can take a big chunk out of your remodeling budget Sometimes it is necessary to tear out the old cabinets and install brand new versions, if the originals are in poor condition or if

Sep , Keeping in mind that ugly cabinets could be painted if they were sturdy and part of a good kitchen layout, Chloe looked for a house with a kitchen that she Of course there are the big changes like painting the cabinets and installing new countertops, but I want to talk about the smaller details that can make

Jun , Now, before you get to enjoy more photos, let me tell you that of our budget kitchen remodel was accomplished by simply PAINTING nearly every surface! We painted the tile backsplash, the walls, the trim and doors, and of course, the cabinets You can check out all the details on how we painted our

Jun , Despite a very limited budget, Kitchen reader Cheryl wasn t going to let that get in the way of redoing her kitchen With the help of her husband and some DIY skills (including building her own cabinets) Cheryl made a kitchen to fit her needs! See More Living Before After Creative Kitchen Renovations.

May , My UGLY kitchen before the remodel See how much it changed for under ! Problem The colors! I thought I hated everything The cabinets, the counters, the island color etc Honestly I dreamed of getting rid of it all, although I knew that was not in the budget Solution We knew the orange red tone on