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Construction firms sue each other over delays and problems at Civic Towers Subcontractors accuse Peter Vicari General Contractor of fraudulently obtaining a general contractor s license in Florida By Francisco Alvarado ober , PM Civic Towers The woes for the owners of two federally subsidized

, Homeowners hit by Hurricane Irma will be faced with the very unwelcome hassles and expense of repairing their properties Everyone who remembers the sea of blue tarps that covered many South Florida roofs for months after Hurricane Wilma in , likely remembers the delays caused by so many

, One of the most confusing topics in electrical design and installation work is bonding and grounding especially as it relates to National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements Bad design decisions, misapplication of rules, and improper installation techniques lead to power quality problems and serious

, This begs the question Who is required to hold a contractors license The contractor licensing question can be a difficult legal inquiry that depends on the state law and the specific work being performed at a job site Last year, there were a few cases about whether construction managers were required to

, Several state agencies warned consumers that contractors from across the nation would descend on Florida, and that not all of them would be qualified or honest The most important thing is to verify the person you hire has a proper license to operate in Florida, which you can do on the state s website at

, To prevent becoming a victim of fraud please follow the tips listed below Tips Contractor frauds Make sure you hire contractors that are licensed and insured in the State of Florida Request the contractor s license number and or copies of their occupational license and certificate of insurance before you

, Those in charge or at the top of a project such as the property owner, lender, construction manager, or general contractor are highly motivated to Florida does not require that parties use the statutory lien waiver, but it offers the waiver as a safe option, and seems to prohibit parties from requiring a

, In this week s tip, we explain that you may not have the authority you think you have when it comes to insisting owners use licensed contractors for documents often require that in regards to architectural requests, notes Barbara Holland, CPM, regional manager for FirstService Residential in Las Vegas.

, A no lien clause is simply a clause within a construction contract, or a lien waiver document signed before the furnishing of work, whereby a If the board finds after a hearing that the contracts of the contractor are in violation of this section, the contractor s license shall be immediately revoked.

, Most likely, yes A massage establishment license is required for any business (spa, chiropractor [see the new exception below], home business, etc) that offers massage therapy services In general, if a client comes to you, you need an establishment license If you go to your client (i.e a mobile business),

While a Notice to Owner is a prerequisite to filing a Florida mechanics lien, on a public project, sending an NTO does not appear to be a requirement for making a claim against a payment bond However, if the claimant is not in privity with the general contractor, Notice to Contractor will likely be required and failure to send

, Local governments can also issue local and specialty contracting licenses for individuals and businesses that are already licensed in jurisdictions throughout Florida so they can perform roofing repair and installation in impacted areas Florida is also waiving all department fees for occupational or

, Florida also licenses martial artists (as well trainers, announcers, seconds, and timekeepers), barbers, cosmetologists, farm laborers, home improvement contractors, landscape architects, funeral attendants, massage therapists, makeup artists, and manicurists According to a study by the Institute for Justice

, Can a person convicted of a felony apply for and be granted a general contractor s license by Alexander Barthet Florida Construction Lawyer Is your And while there are specific statutes which do prohibit convicted felons from being granted licenses, construction is not one of them, at least in Florida.

, Occupational licensing boards in seven states launched a sting operation last week, catching unlicensed contractors looking to work without a state In Florida, over contractors without licenses have been arrested this yearsome of them in SWAT style raids From the South Florida Sun Sentinel .

, The work RJR bid on is part of a million miscellaneous construction contract MCM manages on behalf of the Miami Dade Aviation Department awarded in As the contract manager, MCM was responsible for competitively bidding jobs to licensed contractors and subcontractors According to RJR s

, Florida offers a voluntary license that exempts licensees from local irrigation contracting licenses And where there is licensure, the requirements are In California, the Contractors State License Board licenses contractors and regulates the construction industry People who perform construction work on a

, Preliminary notice must now be sent by general contractors in California This is a significant change to the mechanics lien laws that will probably go unnoticed by direct contractors, which is a category of constructors that includes Scott is a licensed attorney who previously practiced construction law.

, Pinellas County is the only county in Florida with an independent construction licensing board Contractors who work in the county must be licensed with the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board Homeowners can verify a contractor s license at and download the county s SeeClickFix

, She said she expects at least subcontractors at the job fair, but isn t sure how many skilled trades people to expect in today s robust construction market You never know It could be up to , she said But the initial job fair will let Boynton Beach and its contractors better estimate labor needs for the

, Florida law requires that individuals who work as contractors obtain a state contractor s license to perform most construction work The law defines a contractor as anyone who builds, improves on, tears down, or subtracts from any building or structure for compensation This covers actual construction,

Check to see if the company is licensed and is current with their license Keep in mind that the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation have issued numerous cease and desist orders on marine related projects by unlicensed contractors over the last few months in NE Florida Avoid the frustration (and

Welcome! Poole s Roofing and Repair INC has been operating in Florida since uary Poole s Roofing and Repairs INC is a licensed and insured roofing company The owner Mark Poole is a State certified Roofing contractor.

, For Pros Only Home Improvement Commission License Exam (Maryland General Contractors) Building Moxie Takes a Test and Passes Lastly Florida, and in line with the Chris info above Jeremy Parcels of RJM Contractors says, Excluding handymen (and the gray area there) all other (including