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Feb , The panels consist of opposing pairs of composite sandwich core laminate sheets separated and affixed to a polymer filament truss matrix This invention relates generally to a modular fencing system with composite support columns, composite fence panels, and decorative column fa?ades .

May , A plurality of courses of masonry blocks form block wall panels, each of the blocks in the panels having horizontal mortarless voids therein, the horizontal and Unlike wood fences, masonry block wall systems resist weathering and provide a permanent structure that requires little, if any, maintenance.

May , The wall structure according to claim , wherein the means to attach is a band clamp comprised of a high strength composite material wherein the band encircles the metal bar of the wall The construction system according to claim , wherein the easily built structure is a decorative store display panel.

Jun , The method of claim wherein the composite material is glass fiber reinforced polymeric plastic The method A modular trench drain system covered by a linear grate panel is described in U.S Pat No ,, Plastic fencing system reinforced with fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic composites.

May , A modular insert for curb inlet storm drains creates a composite collection system for trash and for oil or other hydrocarbons and related chemicals A hopper contains a multitude of irregular, macroscopic fragments of a hydrophobic, compliant, oil absorbent, copolymer material having high surface area.

Dec , Light, Medium, and Heavy Weight, Concrete Fencing Systems with precast attached footers or rebar only footers, fencing connections are safety pinned fencing panels, also improved heavyweight concrete fencing including lightweight material saving hollow core construction and a rebar pin fence

Jan , ,, discloses the use of tongue and grooved individually prefabricated panels said to be preferably of plastic which are bonded or glued simple walls, fences, and enclosures, to complete houses or buildings, said thermoplastic structural components incorporating a reinforcing constituent imparting

Mar , The wall construction is entirely from stressed ply composite panels with no hidden steel supporting frame Whilst the studio addresses the garden as a floating fence to create separation it is also usable as a family space at weekends and evenings the children are able to use the computers (with their

Oct , The panels are used in the construction of retaining walls for earthen formations and may be precast or formed in place at the situs of the formations When used in the construction of retaining walls, vertical rebars extend into the cast concrete from a foundation supporting the panels and connectors may be

Composite Global Solutions also offers a full range of matching fasteners and tape to complement whatever style of DURASHEATH you choose Applications Composite Global Solutions supplies a range of insulation products including the THERMOMASS concrete sandwich panel and rigid foam board systems.

Jun , What is provided is a system which would utilize a plurality of glare modules, constructed of a lightweight foam material, and that could be positioned spaced apart end to end, along the length of the highway median barrier Each of the modules would be secured to the barrier by a pair of mounting rods

Jan , US , Jun , , Dec , , Block Systems, Inc Method of forming composite masonry blocks US , Jul , , Apr , , Allan Block Corporation, Block structure and system for arranging above ground fencing, railing and or sound barriers US , May , , Jan ,

Nov , A foamed plastic insert compresses to fit into the corner moulding or corner piece of vinyl siding or other synthetic siding The corner piece is formed with an angled web member and undercut flange members offset from the web member and joined to it by sharp bends The web member and the flanges

Sep , The cement panel does not have alkali resistant glass fibers The surfaces of the panel does not have reinforcing fibers U.S Pat No ,, to Lane discloses prefab brickwork These prefabricated, lightweight, columnar or rectangular structures may be converted to fencing or stand alone columns and

Aug , The embodiments of the present disclosure are related in general to the field of installation of supports for uprights of fences, traffic signs, real estate and that, even where prefabricated fence panels are employed, many will be modified or customized to fit specific spans and angles between posts.

The beadboard front panel is the same piece cut out for the opening, so the cabinet blends seamlessly into the wall Then add slide out shelves fitted with cutout fronts that cradle the bottles necksor simply fill the box with a prefab wine rack walkway made of composite decking stepping stones for easy upgrade.