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After spending way too much money on my SS wood for my first set of projects, it was time to move on to the next step in woodworking, using rough sawn lumber It took awhile, but I finally convinced my wife that a new RIDGID planer would pay for itself in wood savings over the next few projects The planer would also give

Jun , It was rough, and when I sanded the wood, all of the patina was gone .aside for.a.year hardwood floor top I recently dug it out of storage, and decided to use some spare hardwood flooring on it for a top I was short one board using full length boards I had to opt for adding two rows with one long

Aug , If you ve already got a serviceable, though less than lovely, wood (or, dare I say it, chain link) fence and the cost of replacing it is too high, you can camouflage it with greenery Living foliage has In the garden here, an open grid of wood slats does double duty as a backdrop for a commanding focal point.

Jun , In an effort to replace the table, I started looking at garage sales and on craigslist for replacements We actually bought the nicer pine boards {I think they call it select wood} rather than the standard pine boards because the boards are much straighter making it easier to work with them This is what the

Aug , They did a light remodel before moving in, redoing the kitchen and replacing the roof and windows A few years later, Joined wood slats in the middle allow the table to lengthen without using a leaf Before Wood framing, walls and bench blocked some of the bay views, and the old decking was worn.

We wanted a lighter colour wood than the Oak I normally work with and he had a good deal on curly maple so that s what we went with Posts The glue up for the foot board posts seemed like a good place to start so that is where I began After running the boards through the jointer and planer I found out that my wood guy s

When I built this bench I did not have a planer or jointer so I had the lumber shop mill the pieces to the correct thickness for me Once I got the The first step was to glue up boards to form the legs of bench, nothing difficult, just had to make sure I used enough clamps to keep everything firmly pressed together If I was to do

furniture These simple and sturdy designs quickly became an unrivaled standard of both exceptional beauty and careful construction Today, Stickley felt that buying quality ONCE was more desirable than replacing lesser goods with equally regrettable wild black cherry wood that was abundant in the Adirondack.

Apr , Having first learned to cook as a college student with very limited funds, I ve had my fair share of crappy cutting boards Moreover, as a novice cook, I did not know how to take care of these cutting boards, thereby contributing to their crappiness My first cutting board was wooden, and although I knew not to

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Feb , Building a barn door isn t hard, in fact, it s one of the easier wood projects because it s so straight forward If you feel comfortable tackling it, and have is to find out when heavy trash day is in areas with older buildings and houses that might be replacing them Then I drive around a day or so before, and

Feb , Are you having trouble disassembling pallets for different projects If you don t know how you can take pallets apart without ruining the pieces, here s a simple idea that will come in handy First, get a reciprocating saw, but not necessarily an expensive one because pallets won t stress a lot of its powers.

Jul , Old doors To create a sleeker, contemporary headboard look, sand and slightly whitewash the wood slats (image below) so they don t feel rough, look dirty or too rustic in appearance Take furniture and home accents and give them new life as a headboard Some furniture as headboard ideas include

Jun , If you like honey colored wood and a spare, almost Shaker style, this is the bed for you Built of FSC certified eucalyptus wood frame This bed only has one review but it is a rave The quality is very good and as nice as anything that we saw at furniture stores Would definitely recommend! I appreciate

Jul , You don t want that The glue line in a joint is supposed to be the sacrificial element in the system Think about it when the chair falls backwards on the floor, what do you want to fail, the glue line or the wooden components Adding more glue into a joint is way easier than trying to repair a severed tenon.

Our old mailbox was a plain wooden box painted black that came with the house, this one is a definite improvement Project Details Deacon s Bench The Deacon s Bench was the first large woodworking large I completed It is still my favourite project, and it sits in a place of honour in our front entrance Every morning I sit