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Jan , It s pretty unbelievable, but the same plastic used to make carrier bags is found as tiny microbeads in cosmetics This ends up down the drain, and in the ocean It s madness, and corporates and governments at last seem to be waking up to that but check before you buy! RECYCLE I m not going to tell

The three R s reduce, reuse and recycle all help to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away By refusing to buy items that you don t need, reusing items more than once and disposing the items that are no longer in use at appropriate recycling centers, Buy products that can be recycled such as glass jars .

Jul , PET Plastic Bottles Americans will buy about billion single serving bottles of water this year, according to the Container Recycling Institute Worse yet, nearly percent Just like aluminum, steel products can be recycled over again without compromising the quality of the steel We re talking about steel

May , India generates up to million metric tons of waste every year Ninety one percent of this waste including recyclable plastics, paper, glass, wood and metal makes its way through a largely inefficient waste management infrastructure to landfills in the fast gentrifying suburbs Kabadiwalla Connect (KC)

Feb , Apart from being versatile, uPVC products can withstand plumbing and draining more efficiently than conventional pipes (GI, stoneware, RCC) because of minimal frictional losses Also, uPVC pipes are easy While everyone says plastic is not a green product, recycling uPVC is possible. Disadvantages.

May , The fact that many plastic bottles are being produced is not helping the recycling factories reuse them for other products Instead the Dianet Reyes, Indian River State College How Well, instead of purchasing bottled waters we could buy reusable plastic cups or containers and fill them up with water.

May , As a result, spinners get the cost advantage of per cent if they opt to buy recycled PSF Because of the concessional rate of duty given by the Indian government to producers of recycled PSF, the industry has continued to grow The association has requested the finance ministry to maintain the tax

On the go lifestyles require easily disposable products, such as soda cans or bottles of water, but the accumulation of these products has led to increasing amounts of While solving the problem of plastic pollution may seem as easy as just implementing recycling or cleaning up empty bottles, the truth is that the plastic

May , The recyclable plastic bags you get at the green grocer are not biodegradable But product On a visit to India a while back I came upon a fenced empty field that was practically buried in flimsy white throwaway plastic bags, the kind you carry your purchases home in from the store The locals joked that

May , Unless India comes to terms with its plastic pollution problem, its rise on the global stage may be stunted Apart from the plastic completely choking the digestive system of the cow and causing excruciating pain to the animal, plastic residues enter the human food chain through dairy and animal products.

Jan , Moore starts in Mumbai, India, where a city beach once used for swimming and playing is now completely covered in plastic garbage From there, Moore heads to London to visit the city sewer system, where plastic waste such as syringes, cotton buds, sanitary products, and the omnipresent wet wipes

Jul , Whatever lead to that purchase, we all end up in the same place stuck with the question what to do with the leftover bottle If you re lucky, there will be a recycling bin nearby and you can just drop it off with a clean conscience But given that only around percent of plastic is recycled, there is a much

Nov , And besides, a lot of those plastic water bottles and shopping bags end up in recycling centers where they re made into awesome new products, right Well, it is true that some plastics do Plan ahead to buy what you can in bulk without packaging in order to avoid extra plastic And think about storing your

Apr , Parley is Adidas partner in the Parley A.I.R Strategy, which turns ocean plastic waste into thread that is woven into running shoes Each shoe uses an average of plastic bottles per pair and incorporates recycled plastic into the shoe s laces, heel webbing, heel lining, and sock liner covers The new

Aug , A recent article in Forbes reports and cites two especially shocking plastic statistics Globally, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute percent of all plastic is not recycled Together, those two facts make up a combination that should wake us right up from our indifference about the problem

Jul , But in Pune, India, it s a respectable blue collar job that many choose over working as a maid or a cook Through She carried a large white canvas bag and pushed a wooden hand cart topped with three plastic buckets one for recyclables, one for compostables and one for everything else A weathered

Nov , Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase In addition to using recycled down reclaimed from used down products for its popular Bivy jackets, this new line takes resourcefulness to another level, with Patagonia stating the new clothes are