building a deck in the tropics

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Mar , If you ve ever visited Graceland, the idea of a jungle room might conjure up lots of burled wood and green shag carpet on the ceiling (If you doubt me, you really need to make the trip to Memphis to see Elvis beloved home.) But shake that image jungle and tropical plants are dominating many stylish

From tongue in groove decking to traditional pine to exotic woods you have many choices We explain more Pressure treated decking is usually SYP and is the most popular choice for building professionals In fact,about Ipe is found in the tropics and the Lesser Antilles and can grow to over feet Color ranges

Jun , (Canna spp) Cannas quickly add height to a garden in mere months, making them ideal tropical plants for temperate climates with shorter summers Plant them en masse at the back of garden beds to form a tantalizing backdrop or use them singly as thrillers in container plantings In modern garden designs

Mar , Dull kicks back poolside here in front of a deck and a shade structure He s currently working on a new water system at the Brio development and a similar casita for his Austin, Texas, residence If you are building a house in a remote part of the world, be patient and try to source locally, he offers as advice.

Mar , All decisions were made to complement each zone and make sure there was a good flow through the entire space. The window frames are painted in a tropical shade of turquoise It s the homeowner s favorite color and, along with the white walls, helps to keep everything light and bright The house before

Jun , The architect s main concern was keeping the building cool an important feature in Thailand s tropical summer To accomplish this, they made sure to The mobile pools were elevated off the ground and feature a generous pool deck on which to catch some rays There s no word when they ll be back,

Dec , A small stream and a dense backdrop of tropical foliage make this suburban property in Auckland, New Zealand, feel like a jungle retreat The deck is cantilevered over a boggy area of the backyard with a small natural stream Idea to steal Add sculpture to make your garden feel more personal.

Aug , Make gloomy side yards enticing Side yards are often overlooked in the garden as areas of little potential, and are relegated to storing trash bins, compost heaps and other eyesores Side yards in the shade can look even more depressing To make things interesting, plant tropical bulbs like elephant ears

Another benefit is that as the cardboard breaks down, it produces a sugar that attracts earthworms which, in turn, creates healthy soil You can plant anything you want in this new weed free bed Just cut through the cardboard when making your hole And, smile knowing you ve helping to keep more waste out of landfills.

Mar , But perhaps what completed the tropical experience most was the abundance of shimmering koi ponds almost everywhere I stepped Glimmering white, orange and black fish the size of party subs were right at my fingertips To that effect, for me anyway, I find that the most peaceful, tranquil, relaxing and

Jul , Tropical Hardwoods Some tropical woods such as Ipe are used in high end fencing project Ipe is totally impervious to Want some ability to add custom elements to your fence Are building a fence without direct ground contact (on concrete piers, on a wood deck, etc.) Want the deep beautiful wood

Aug , Many people use the different terms to describe an open area interchangeably but specialist make a difference in the distinct characteristics of every type of open Lanai porch ideas would combine the tropical appearance and the roofed outdoor area tropical lanai porch ideas furniture decoration tips

Aug , We hear the crew of the Escanaba love to entertain, and wouldn t that flight deck make a great dance floor! more exciting A tropical depression off the mountainous north has enhanced monsoon rains and winds in recent days in a large swathe that extends to the archipelago s central islands A domestic

Apr , Lucky for me, I was contacted by the folks who make the Concrobium brand of mold control, cleaning, and prevention products They said (before I knew how crazy well it worked) Our deck is surrounded by dense tropical landscaping, some of it hanging a foot or two over the edge of the deck There is

Apr , Another house was here before, a weak construction, though with a rational structure The new house developed around this skeleton, which was reinforced to hold the wooden house on top The difficult access to Munda├║ took us beyond architecture we designed everything from structure to services, from

Dec , When Pascal Benoist and Tina Prior purchased a acre palm tree plantation on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii, the first thing they did was raise a flag on the land You can t build a home in Hawaii without observing the weather patterns, says Benoist, a French surfer who settled in the Hawaiian islands

Feb , Retaining only the concrete slab structure, the architects enclosed the space with a perforated grille of brickwork to create a new residence named The Termitary House The Termitary House by Tropical Space According to the architects, the orange red bricks reference the baked brick towers built on

Nov , Alexander Taron Dregeno Natural Wood Pyramid, Nativity Scene Stockings and Tree Skirts Make your mantel pop with colorful stockings in red, green, turquoise and coral Add a patterned skirt around the base of your tree for a final festive touch Transitional Christmas Stockings And Holders

Jul , Why settle for everyday hospitality when you can treat your guests to tropical hospitality Here are some very easy and creative ways to make your guests not to mention yourself feel like they re staying at a bed and breakfast amid swaying palms and beside a turquoise sea tropical shelves .