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Jan , One of the most important features to consider in any renovation is the flooring in a rental property Landlords and property owners should educate themselves on the different types of flooring out there, and what works best for the property and the types of tenants that will be living there Choosing proper

Feb , You can put many aspects of owning and managing rentals, such as rent collection, on autopilot But not everything Property maintenance and upkeep can eat into your revenue and cause stress, and occasionally, make you wish you weren t a landlord The good news there are easy and affordable ways

Oct , I ve lived in rental apartments my entire adult life, and have experienced my share of less than ideal kitchens refrigerator in the living room another basement kitchen with a dishwasher (yay!), but no natural light and then there was the kitchen with nice appliances, but the crummiest, dirtiest floor tile ever.

Aug , You may have an opportunity to raise your rental price in the current market, or you may be struggling to retain good quality tenants Whatever your reason, it s Overhauling the flooring in a rental property, while a big venture, is one of the most popular and effective rental renovations Foot traffic and spills

Oct , The answer is it depends both on the quality of renters you re trying to attract and your renovation budget For example, executive level renters will appreciate carpet in the bedrooms and possibly a good quality laminate or hardwood flooring throughout Whereas a rental property in a lower price bracket

May , Home improvements to a rental property should be done by the landlord, but what happens when tenants do so without permission Painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets Replacing carpet in a room or rooms Changing light fixtures Upgrading door locks Replacing flooring in kitchens or bathrooms

Apr , Especially in older homes, there s often a good quality wood structural subfloor that can be upgradedholes sanded, gaps filled with wood flour cement, and from lofts and art galleries to small spacesthanks to the reflective properties of high gloss, painted floors increase the depth and light of the room.

Apr , Ceramic Tile Flooring If you own a beach home, especially one that you rent out seasonally, then ceramic tile flooring is an option to seriously consider for the following reasons ceramic tile is easy to maintain ceramic tile is strong, durable and easy to clean vast options available, planks, squares,

Nov , These folks were stuck with dingy and dated flooring, but completely overcame it with a wonderfully colorful area rug Area rugs are a renter s best friend Eclectic Dining Room by Niche Interiors Niche Interiors If your landlord allows, take down the invariably ugly light fixture in your dining room and

Aug , Renovating this rental property took three weeks, cost ,, and increased our rental income by , per year We worked These properties are among the best rental candidates on the block If a tenant tours Our contractor also tore out the existing flooring in the kitchen, dining and living areas.

Aug , While landlords are responsible for ensuring that their rental units are safe and inhabitable, it s difficult to argue that a dirty carpet is dangerous or makes a house Although those problems are pretty minor and are unlikely to be a reason for you to leave your rental property, those irritants can make a living

Aug , Working electric system including lights and wires If the landlord does not personally fix the issue or hire someone for the repairs, the tenant can deduct the repair costs from the rent If your landlord does not comply with repairing your apartment, consult this list to determine your best course of action.

Jul , But because we were converting it back to a rental property the possibility of moving back into our house when we moved home was highly unlikely So instead we used up the remaining engineered flooring we had Now that we are moving home and back into our house! I told my husband I am ripping up

These properties are good candidates to examine further and identify any repairs or maintenance work that will need to be done before being rental ready Flooring Hardwood flooring that is consistent throughout the home will give a spacious and modern feel Light fixtures and door hardware Installing up to date

May , these homes are the answer They ve embraced the look, learned to layer area rugs stylishly on top, and proven that wood floors aren t the only option for a gorgeous space If we didn t have dogs and a cat, I would be all about a light colored rug Light colored everything, really But it can be hard to

Aug , Who leaves dog poop all over the floor And trash How can a family of four leave two, not one, but two dumpsters worth of trash I started calculating the cost of priming and repainting, carpet cleaning and trash removal How could a newly renovated property go from rent ready to needing K of repairs in

Jul , Increase home value with easy updates to the kitchen, bathroom, lighting, paint, and landscaping and sell your home for more money when you list it To help you navigate the choices that lead to the best return on investment, we asked two industry experts (and one enthusiastic DIYer) to weigh in.

Guide on how to make your BTL rental property durable, and some cost cutting tips Too many landlords pollute their properties with shiny cheap fittings and get possessed with keeping everything light and airy, while losing focus on the realities of buy to let and how people Spend a little extra on good quality flooring.

Apr , The consider these home renovations to be the ones that give the best return on investment View As One Page Slides jinkazamah Flickr Open floor plan According to the Property , having your rooms compartmentalized and boxed in can cut off the social function of a house

Aug , We are this close to having the apartment of horrors renovated and ready to rent And it was after all the (OMG SO DISGUSTING I COULD VOM) cabinets and flooring were removed from the premises dad rental The last renter had The kitchen has two large windows so it gets so much great light.

May , Our little farmhouse has been a rental property for years so it s had basic grade everything We ve First I painted the countertops a faux granite, stenciled the walls, added some molding to the mirror, added a new light and finished off the beadboard walls, added some mason jar bathroom storage and

Jun , The best rental property investments will increase the property value without over improving it Here are the top things that landlords can do to boost Putting in a new floor in certain areas or throughout the rental property is an excellent way to boost property values Replacing standard grade carpet and

Aug , Vacuum the floors and stairs carpeted or not as well as any upholstered furniture and window coverings left in the apartment Sprinkle If you can t pinpoint the source of the stench, walk through the room with a handheld black light after dusk with the rest of the room s lights turned off The black light