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Jan , While his installation at Dutch Design Week was merely a smaller scale model of the full maze, his vision is for the walls to be erected in a public square or This approach is evident within the project by Studio Solarix, who designed a grid of neutral coloured, leather covered solar panels and LED light

Mar , Juhani Pallasmaa s Korundi House of Culture, an old post bus depot converted into a contemporary art museum ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING Brick wall detail Evening light on building Horizontal standing seam wall cladding on Rovaniemi Airport by Heikkinen Komonen Windows at Juhani Pallasmaa s art

Jul , The diagonals serve as a roof system that ungulates like an artificial topography, creating skylights in some cases, while in others situations, rising up floor, the program develops a direct relationship between the interior and exterior through the abundant use of glasswork, trellises, and sliding panels.

Jan , All of the wall panels and ceiling elements of the new wooden stories were prefabricated at the factory (including mineral wool insulation) and long term rental possibilities, and to support the building culture of northern Germany the existing fa?ades were given an external layer of insulation and clad in a

Sep , The high walls reveal another highlight The wall panels made from white painted MDF serve not only to separate the space but also to provide access to additional The multiple artificial light sources, however, are only used in the evening as the architecture of house captures a great deal of natural light.

I ll match your fitness center with a climbing wall and raise you a kegerator. But no matter how lavish the amenities, they ll prove ineffective in making any kind of positive impact if they don t align to a company s culture and the characteristics that make an organization unique Instead of wasting time and money copying

Dec , Architects hoping their creations will be described as gems could take the literal route and design faceted structures that call to mind diamonds, geodes and other precious stones Made of glass or mirrored stainless steel, the geometric panels shimmer in the sunlight and give off their own glow after dark.

Oct , R Veeramani, Chairman of Gem Granites and head of the granite, natural stones and products panel of CAPEXIL, talks to The Hindu on several issues Hence, these stones are not used even now for external wall cladding in high rise buildings, whereas all other stones from most of the States are used

With a foot interior digital wall, large scale exterior murals and pocket parks, Eastridge isn t your typical mall the new design reimagines the existing mall as a localized urban lifestyle center concept This new approach challenges the old concept of a mall as an enclosed collection of stores, repositioning the property as

solar panels, solar power, solar energy, solar panels sunlight Scientists at MIT have created a new Its exterior fa?ade is composed of over , custom formed blue anodized aluminum panels Brooks Scarpa segmented each Thick concrete walls contain high thermal mass The residence is also equipped with

Feb , Here, Seo used two Wilsonart laminates (Calcutta Marble and Pearl Soapstone) in a chevron pattern, giving the look of a stone inlaid wall (without the painful Those dreams could become reality by taking a tip from Seo and cladding your cabinets (and hood) in a gold foil laminate (Satin Brushed Gold

Ideation space at the Garage On hand are writable surfaces and digital screens on which to present ideas and organize concepts elements like glazed walls and curtains provide connectivity across the entire space, allowing groups to simultaneously focus on their task but find inspiration in the work happening around

Aug , CEBRA has combined standardised corrugated metal roof sheets with translucent plastic panels to build this sports hall in L?gst?r, Denmark, like The L?gst?r sports hall was designed using a modular building system, developed by CEBRA in collaboration with the Danish Foundation for Culture and

Sep , Kaap Skil Maritime and Beachcombers Museum on Texel island, the Netherlands, by Mecanoo with reclaimed wooden cladding and a zig zagging roof The vertical wooden boards are made of sawn hardwood sheet piling from the North Holland Canal and have been given a new life just like the objects

Jun , On the other hand, there would be a few benefits to living in a glass house seemingly endless spaces no need to paint the walls, hang wallpaper or artwork as surrounding nature would design all the interiors Pretty neat idea, huh Glass buildings shimmer in the sunlight, and require no artificial light

Its tall concrete wall, cast in situ, features an upright perimeter extrusion, which provides a stepped piazzaa clearing in the dense, historical city fabric The project on numerous xm size panels was submitted as part of the first Latvian Young Architects exhibition in the Chamber of Architects, Riga, under the open call

Change management becomes critical to helping research organizations realize the gains in operational efficiency and enhanced workplace culture that comes with new facilities Most clients goals include aspects of organizational and process improvement, but they generally don t dedicate the necessary resources.

mars A reaction casing () for photosynthetic reactor () for the culture of photosynthetic microorganisms, algae in particular, the said reaction casing () being designed firstly to float on a body of water wrapping the inner cladding () with the outer sheet as far as the junction of two opposite edges and.

Many responded that it sounded like grown ups living in a college dormitory, so it s only natural that new names in the student housing market are taking this concept one Today, the number of international students are increasing, and their expectations for academic living are not limited to the four walls of the bedroom.