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Oct , At the far end of this space, the yellow wall of the open kitchen is visible The wall is finished with crackled tiles and teak wood inserts in a honeycomb pattern a reference to the natural surroundings of the house Eclectic Dining Room by Patel Vadodaria I Design Research Studio Patel Vadodaria I

Jul , Each space has been created uniquely and on its own merit All treatments such as wall covers, paints, stone finishes are tightly bound to the concept of the space being designed Characteristics of the person occupying the space have been taken into consideration while designing individual spaces.

Oct , Eclectic Bathroom by moment design productions, llc moment design productions, llc No view out No one likes a dark, damp bathroom with bad circulation it s no fun spending time in a space like that If you re building or relocating a bathroom, try to site it on an outside wall with windows.

Apr , Small balcony designs can offer charming outdoor seating areas and beautiful apartments, extending rooms and connecting home interiors with the nature leaves an impression of being in the garden, so placing planters with herbs, flowers and succulents is a cool idea put them on the floor and walls.

Jan , Completed in in Kanjirappally, India This helped model the core design principles for this project Furthermore, carefully chosen and strategically used materials and colours which include the stone wall, exposed concrete, natural stone flooring and teakwood along with lush tropical vegetation

Sep , Go vertical, focus on storage, work your materials and embrace modern design Loosle gutted the house, removed walls to open it up from end to end and replaced the plumbing, electrical and mechanical elements This gave Historic building codes restricted what Loosle could do to the front exterior.

Aug , Finish the space with proper lighting Try overhead track lighting and or small wall mounted lights to illuminate the art Eclectic Hall by moment design productions, llc moment design productions, llc Tricky space Small home, long hall The solution Rather than let precious space go unused, put your

Jun , Walls Types, Features and Design Concept FUNCTION OF WALLS To provide protection from weather, animal To divide the areas Act as sound barriers As fire w It can be exterior wall or interior wall It brace from the roof to the floor Masonry Wall Design, Shear wall, concrete wall Loads on Walls.

Sep , Modern Porch by Living Green Design Living Green Design Increase curb appeal A living wall that covers part of your home s exterior will ensure that your house stands out on the block in a good way The designers of this San Francisco Victorian home planted a living wall around the lower doorway,

India House Design with Amazing Exterior Walls and Courtyard Set on a corner within a dense urban centre in Bangalore, India, this modern home by Indian architecture firm Cadence says so much, without screaming Dubbed Out of the Box, a simple cube style and a white facade could be described as unassuming, if not

Aug , There are certain design lessons that we can all use when it comes to our homes exterior design Here are Just like garage doors, your homes windows are much more than functionalitywindows are like the soul of your home, shining light onto all the moments shared within those four walls We can

Sep , Completed in in Lonavala, India Molded with simplistic zonal principles of home design, the more public zones of the house such as the living area, guest room, kitchen, common guest room and the spa and Jacuzzi are all located on Both the exterior and interior walls are draped in white color.

Jul , Surrounding by agricultural fields, the designers of the home were inspired to create a project based on a simple linear form, with no dramatic angles or unexpected wall turns The overall result is an elegant residence, inspiring tranquility and comfort The interior is truly spectacular, with large open spaces

Jan , As I am yet to find my invisibility cloak ala Mr India, I am just happy clicking pictures of homes from outside only one person can pray at a time yet just look at the royal blue of the church that makes the azure of the sky look pale and the yellow flame coming out of a deepam ( small Indian lamp) on its wall.

Apr , Modern Exterior by Peter A Sellar Architectural Photographer Peter A Sellar Architectural Photographer Here s another project where the interior glow is accentuated by the dark exterior the large glass walls arising from the modern design (and having all the lights on for the photo shoot) accentuate

Jul , All white looks clean and fresh and isn t really what they did back in the day, so it feels bright and adds a hint of modernity to this very traditional colonial farmhouse Traditional Exterior by Helios Design Group Helios Design Group Fun door colors can also give a traditional exterior a bit of modern zing,

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Dec , A bridge over a stream connects the two sides of this concrete house in India by Mumbai firm Architecture Brio Furthermore it allows a glazed door in the kitchen to open up to the outside and view along the external living room wall At strategic Design Architecture BRIO, Robert Verrijt Shefali Balwani