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Aug , Most of us travellers do not live in a castle of grandeur and opulence back home (but hey correct me if I am wrong) and therefore, having a massive chandelier may not necessarily be the most homely element to a hotel What the Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong has done well in my opinion, is not only to provide a

Aug , The incident involved a Virgin Australia plane that was preparing to land at Melbourne Airport The pilot was forced to perform a go around, and the plane made a safe landing second time round.

A wife jumps to her death from a balcony after discovering her husband having an affair with a slave in , and two weeks later the slave is found hanged these are just two of the reasons this home is dubbed by some as the most haunted in Tiedemann House Franklin Castle, cleveland ohio, historic haunted houses.

Sep , If you re looking to create a more relaxed and happy home, pink might be your solution As a designer, I find it never fails to create a more joyful, inspired Its pairing with more neutral toned walls and floors creates a sleek and streamlined feel The overall design is finished off with playful accent pieces.

Nov , It has recently undergone a full renovation by the current owners and now offers large amounts of flexible accommodation arranged over three floors with six bedrooms The master bedroom is particularly splendid, with a walk in wardrobe, vaulted ceilings and access to a private south facing balcony.

Oct , British tourist Reece Vella (pictured) has been arrested after a prostitute fell five floors British tourist is arrested after prostitute fell to her YouTuber Logan Paul has beefed up the security at his .million mansion following intense backlash YouTube star Logan Paul hires security firm to guard him.

Jul , The first two form picture windows, framing views of the Peitlerkofel and Heiligkreuzkofel mountains, while the third is a balcony that projects out by six metres, Inside, galleries are organised over three floors, connected by staircases that the firm described as being like waterfalls in a mountain stream .

Jan , The various ad hoc cladding and renovation solutions over the years are all still visible This is what London could have done at Elephant and Castle or the Brunswick Centre, or Sheffield at Castle Market and Park Hill, Glasgow at the Anderston Centre, to name just a few of the destructive, homogenising

While wire may seem convenient for cleaning, providing your rabbit with a litter box is a much simpler and safer solution. She also warns, Rabbits teeth grow constantly, so they have to We chose a black, round penny tile for the floors, and white subway for the walls Eames enjoys the cool surface, and it makes cleaning

It was a small one, and my husband caught it pretty easily and tossed it off the balcony (we live on the fourth floor but I m skeptical that it actually died considering what they can survive) And then the next evening I noticed one Clean regularly, especially the floors, kitchen and dishes Vacuum up crumbs and eliminate

Jul , Myself and Estonian Vassily scurried up through barb wire and tangled thorns to the little balcony by the back window of hostels does exist in the UK but the conditions are appalling rife with drugs and alcohol and related violence they are also only temporary solutions to a much bigger problem.

Aug , This is a great solution for a compact room, as the bed unfolds very neatly to provide a sleeping space that doesn t take up too much floor area This makes the room usable for other activities even when the bed is out Transitional Home Office by Sarah Fortescue Design Sarah Fortescue Design Transform

Lushome collection of creative ideas to improve city balcony designs can inspire readers and provide great solutions for small outdoor rooms Too small spaces can turn A castle with a lovely daybed decorated with a mosquito net is just one of many beautiful ideas for small outdoor rooms Ornaments and stone statues,

Nov , The principal men s homes were larger than those of the average Chickasaw man and had deep balconies on the front side Summer houses had floors attached to supporting poles which were placed approximately two or three feet from the ground, providing storage for items underneath the floors of the

Mar , Before they leapt, they threw a large wardrobe from the balcony to break the anti suicide wire netting that surrounded it A source told the Daily Nine floors up from the flat where the family jumped, Farida Pardak has done her best to furnish her two bedroom flat and turn it into a home The year old

Jun , During the th century and part of the th, the castle fell into disrepair and many of the rooms held the new purpose of dungheaps and taverns that were Its style was influenced by Georgian and Seljuk design, but inside its wall paintings and mosaic floors adhere to the Constantinople aesthetic of the

Jun , The billboard, placed strategically on Merrion Road Dublin s answer to Beverly Hills piqued Irish media interest and set the Internet alight He has appeared on Ireland s national TV and top radio stations and received more than requests from Irish companies seeking his credentials That s a work of

Nov , Each small space is unique, and working out the best solutions can feel like putting together a really complex jigsaw puzzle Make the most of every inch by sneaking in storage, but having a storage system this vast can feel life changing Contemporary Laundry Room by Castle Building Remodeling.

Dec , A castle s d bridge served as a multifunctional kinetic wall, door and footbridge It s barn like and austere in this configuration the only hints of the mutable shell are the inlaid deck supports on the adjacent ground A kinetic facade was used on this project as a solution to a design problem.