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Oct , Not until after the war did more Americans discover and begin their affection for this type of modern architecture Consider the Farnsworth This remodeled Minneapolis house employs composite cement board siding atop a stucco base warmed with cypress wood details The beauty lies in the

Nov , The most common profile is the K style gutter with a flat back that sits flush to the fascia board, though traditional homes often have half round gutters, like Proper installation depends a lot on the type of window and siding, but generally it includes head flashing that directs any water that gets behind the

Apr , A slab backsplash is simply a backsplash made of a continuous material (or in cases like this one, a few large pieces with the occasional break for an appliance or a cabinet) The solid surface creates a different Transitional Kitchen by Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring Legno Bastone Wide Plank

Materials Tile Thin set mortar Cement backer board Cement board screws Grout Sealer Instead, cover the subfloor with cement backer board, using corrosion resistant screws that are countersunk flush with the surface of the backer board Screwing Both types of tile cutting tools can be rented at tool rental outlets.

Mar , Although it s costlier, if you are looking for a good weather resistant siding, it is a grade above vinyl and may save you money in the long term as it is less prone to Clapboard is going to be less expensive than wood siding, but it is still pricier than other alternatives such as vinyl, plastic and cement board.

Jun , Two by fours are just the kind of strong, silent type every home needs Get to know studs and One bys can be used to level out walls and ceilings when you re marrying old framing with new, when boards don t line up or when you re merging thick plaster walls with new drywall The addition of a one by

Oct , Use an angled brush for areas of detail, such as any raised or recessed panels on your fronts Note You will want to apply at least two coats of paint finished cabinet fronts and door hardware and admire your work Now for some inspirational kitchens, along with examples of paint and material palettes .

Apr , Many HOAs limit everything from fence type and height to how much siding can be on your home s facade, so it s no wonder some also spell out how much lawn you should have and Many designers, particularly if they will also be installing the landscape, will be happy to attend a board meeting with you.

Aug , From a Reuters report the latest raid is related to a shipment of sawn ebony logs from India that was imported by Gibson illegally, violating the Lacey Act Gibson s Another consequence of the raid was that Gibson s CEO has taken a leave of absence as a board member of the Rainforest Alliance.

Jun , Learn the different types and uses of screws to pick the right kind for your next DIY or home improvement project Screwing cement board to a shower wall There s a coating for that Attaching composite decking The screw fits into the washer, which keeps the fastener above the material If you re using

Dec , For example, if you re dreaming of a kitchen remodel, collecting photos of kitchens you like can help you pinpoint the styles, colors and layouts that appeal to you When you re ready to start the remodel, you can email your collection to a pro you re working with to show what you want and start narrowing

Jul , Clapboard, board and batten, stone and brick veneer all occur in this style in numerous variations The common thread, however, is that the indigenous practices of local tradespeople usually determines the choice Clapboard siding is a common material in the area where this house is, and limestone

Jun , Historically, shared public latrines have been a feature of most communities, and this continues to be true in developing countries such as Ghana, China, and India, note Olga Gershenson and Barbara Penner in their book of essays Ladies and Gents Public Toilets and Gender (Temple University

Exterior Wall Materials for Modern House Designs Leading Architecture And Design Firm In India A wide array of materials and techniques are present depending on the type of construction and the needs Read on to find out more about It is often used as a substitute to vinyl cladding or whether board Although both

Jun , Want something streamlined and seamless Have your sink made from the same material as your countertop Choose your ideal width, depth, drain location and accessories (like the built in drain board pictured here) But be careful of the tight interior corners on these sinks they can be hard to clean.

Feb , Here the architects have exploited the plastic nature of concrete and have lined the usual plywood forms with boards, thus the name board formed concrete The architect specified that this siding be green, which means that over time as the wood dries and shrinks, the joints will open up, creating even

Feb , The preferred method is concrete, and for the best effect, install a inch by inch cedar bumper board against the inside concrete wall as shown Traditional Bocce may be an Italian pastime, but it s becoming one of America s too, complementing traditional and contemporary styles alike Build the court

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Oct , Many types of spaces can benefit from thinking about the elements of buildings as part of a larger system Doors specifically tailored to room dimensions are strong statements of intent in design Modern Entry by John Lum Architecture, Inc AIA John Lum Architecture, Inc AIA By contrasting the frame of this