patio deck with stairs and ramp

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Sep , Learn how to refinish your wood deck, make a garden fountain, add a shed and more Consider this your guide to the ins and outs of great projects that can make your outdoor space the best it can be, from adding a deck and an outdoor pizza Full story See how to add an indoor or outdoor ramp.

Jul , Consider adding a ramp to decks and porches so older pets don t have to use the stairs Ramps can also reduce joint damage and prevent injuries in younger dogs, especially those prone to back problems like dachshunds and basset hounds Enclosed patio If you want your indoor cat to be able to catch

Feb , a patio with screening Here, Rasputin enjoys one of the perches in a custom catio built in Arcadia, California Suggested Features It s important to make sure catios are escape proof and include basic feline comforts Entry door or window, or walkway or tunnel from the house Perches, ramps, steps,

Jan , Make the most of your sloped lot with artful stone, terraces, built ins or even a slide these creative outdoor spaces tackle the problem with style Stone ramp If the terrain in your yard isn t too steep, a ramp lined in stone makes a lovely alternative to stairs Interspersed with mossy ground cover, the

Jun , A deck designed with boards angled to point toward the steps leading to the yard can make the surface look longer or wider, just as vertical stripes on a piece of clothing make the wearer appear taller This is an especially effective optical illusion when the angled deck sits outside of a big patio window,

May , No other toy hauler travel trailer offers an upper deck kitchen slide floorplan, said Will Gonyon, Amped s product manager The Amped KS ramp door Plus, the ramp can be converted into a patio (optional), allowing the entertainment friendly trailer to live up to its name when it comes to party time.

Nov , The stairs also needed to tie in with the porches and decks on both sides of the front of the house to give it uniformity, Adler says continued the connection from landscape to home by using fieldstone in both the risers and wall along the driveway, and bluestone for the stoops, walkway and patio.

Plant filled ramps connect the building s ground floor to its mid level terrace and landscaped roof The architects have also equipped the Memo Designed by the Swedish firm Belatchew Arkitekter for the outdoor gear company JABO, Steps is a tiny house with a twist While the majority of this home s layout is pretty

Sep , While all Fuzion models sport an innovative foot rear ramp deck, the new Fuzion (starting at ,) features both the rear deck and a new deck on the passenger s side, which combine to offer more than feet of outdoor living space Both decks are accessible from inside or by separate steps

Wheel chair ramps and portable wheelchair ramps will help anyone who has mobility issues or difficulty climbing steps We help you calculate the rise and run for Since it is very compact you can take it with you or easily move it from your front porch to back deck or entrance if required You can even travel with it They are

Click Here For Best Price These would be excellent steps if you already have a patio for your mobile home, but still need those extra steps from the patio deck to your front door over stairs, and up ledges If you are wanting a more grip on ledges with your wheelchair accessible ramp, a lip extender can also be purchased.

Jan , Modern Patio Must Know Moderns This view of the porch at the beach house shows the intricate intertwining of stair, ramp (in the foreground, moving in the opposite direction of the stair), living room wall and concrete Outside of the five structural frames, only the garage and the stairs touch the ground.

May , Maximize space and increase the welcome with a built in bench that suits your patio or deck just right is fabulous, but the right built in bench, designed to suit your space to a T, can make your patio feel larger and more welcoming, and ramp up the style Integrate steps and seats for a smooth look.

While the home was still in its design stage, a new on ramp was under construction for the Golden Gate Bridge and a grove of Monterey Cypress trees needed to be cleared to accommodate the ramp The architects The outdoor stairs leads to a concrete bridge that connects to the homes back deck and to the slope itself.

Jun , The Phoenix home s ramp leads visitors from the entry courtyard up to the front door and continues to a roof deck Exterior david and gladys The circular form to the left includes a laundry and storage room, accessible from the carport, and an interior staircase leading to a small kitchen The balcony curves

Feb , Improve accessibility and safety by swapping stairs for ramps in your home or yard Concrete or synthetic decking, for example, would be on the lower end of the price range, and fine hardwoods used on an interior ramp on the higher end By working with your architect or designer, you should be able to

Apr , Blah! The Lowe s Creative Ideas challenge this month is outdoor mini makeovers Perfect timing! patio update Trip down memory lane When we purchased this house, we installed two sets of French doors There were concrete sidewalks with ramps to the old single doors When we bought the house .