2x6 tongue and groove roof decking material

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, Plywood or x tongue and groove boards can be used for the roofing Attach to rafters and side walls and all support boards Step Add the x door stop to give the door something to stop on Step Build the door and hang inside the opening Make sure there is a gap at the bottom for easy opening

, We put the upstairs floor joists up, and I thought the very next day I d be getting a sun tan on a roof top deck Not so much On the four foot edges, your seams will fall on joist tops, so no need for tongue and groove But to start off It s what makes a pile of boards and materials into a solid structure Stagger

, We just used x tongue and groove, placing the flat side up for the upstairs floor, and the grooved side down for the downstairs ceiling I don t know if there exists a faster tongue and groove up on a ceiling Working with your materials down below you is much easier than working overhead on ladders.

, We started with open beams, spaced about feet appart (no more than feet as this is the max span of x tongue and groove) Doing the finished roof this way was nice for a few reasons you could just hand material up from the outside (as opposed to threading each board through the interior of the

, In the last post, we put clear coat on the wood tongue and groove ceiling by spraying it on We ve held off on adding the wall finish material so that we could spray while everything is taped off with the vapor barrier Up to this point, we ve been using x tongue and groove for the ceilings and floors.