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Feb , The company is seeking greater governmental deregulation so it can roll out its plans of replacing native pines in southeastern plantation forests with the genetically engineered eucalyptus, which can survive freezing winter temperatures The article says these trees could provide a boost to timber sales.

Feb , Green s wooden skyscraper will be a mix of Glulam columns, another engineered wood product, steel beams and pre fabricated CLT load bearing walls hoisted into place by a crane Since wood is lighter than concrete Green estimates construction time will be cut in half This recently completed apartment

Aug , In this project we have seamlessly integrated the white stone and timber bench tops on the island to distinguish between preparation and dining areas and allow practical surfaces for both Backsplash and countertops engineered stone black cabinets melamine wood (on island and cabinets) blackbutt.

Oct , The judges said The project creates hugely uplifting spaces for the students with a delightfully detailed timber gridshell roof (engineered by Buro Happold) The judges highly commended two The judges also highly commended Mackelvie Street, New Zealand, by RTA Studio Civic and Community

Jun , The canvas panels were strung up between the metal beams to create the impression of a folded origami like volume Friend Cultures Fair by MMX With integrated bleacher style seating made from wooden boards, it formed a small auditorium for staging various performances Friend Cultures Fair by

Oct , This modernist post beam construction was designed and built by BOX Living, a New Zealand company of architects and builders who specialise in BOX prefers to use engineered timber rather than steel in its constructions, and this lightweight system is particularly suited to New Zealands sloping lands

For the majority of residential dwellings, timber structures ought to be encouraged and ban heavy brick stone buildings even though nowadays techniques are Rather than prescribing specific materials, designs or construction methods, the New Zealand code outlines how a building must perform to

Sep , Laminated veneer lumber, or LVL, is an engineered wood product used in home construction, mostly in beams and headers above doorways and windows The timberlands Roseburg recently bought are near Roanoke Rapids in northeastern North Carolina and extend over the border into southeastern

Jul , The new Aviation Display Hall for the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) in New Zealand was created to house a collection of historic aircrafts These sustainably sourced engineered timber beams make it possible to create an open hall without supports, and the ceiling actually resembles the

Aug , But of course the really exciting new thing about this building is that it is designed out of timber Big timber Engineered timber Large logs of lumber, carefully sliced apart and put back together in a much stronger manner, so we will have LVL columns and beams and CLT for the floor slabs And it plans to be

Jan , Proponents cite the speed at which tall buildings can be constructed using pre engineered wood and mass timber s ability to sequester carbon To meet seismic objectives, the building will include a lateral force resisting system with post tensioned rocking wood shear walls, pioneered in New Zealand.

Aug , Farmhouse Exterior by Timbercraft Tiny Homes Timbercraft Tiny This tiny house from Timbercraft Tiny Homes is dubbed the Denali and is feet long with square feet of space The floor and roof are constructed of structural insulated panels supported by engineered wood and steel beams.

Jan , The contemporary, flat front door was made of engineered wood by the contractor and painted in a gray blue for a bold, modern statement Door paint Stiffkey Blue, Farrow Ball The timber beams are required for the structure, Hawkins notes We left them exposed because the client wanted the

Oct , Applicant, Auckland Uniservices Limited Export Citation Pinus radiata, the major plantation timber in New Zealand, is suitable for the manufacturing of CLT panels At present, CLT The columns and beams are preferably constructed from engineered wood such as glued laminated timber The columns

Dec , The house is sturdy, with industrial bolts and large timber beams, as well as poles made of Douglas fir The roof is metal Both Prior and Benoist, shown The floors throughout the home are ? inch engineered hickory planks (perfect for Max s bicycling exploits) Because the owners ran out of space for a

Jul , The manufacture of wooden tent pegs was once a thriving rural industry, fueled by war, that has passed into relative obscurity along with broom making So, we learned that although we had no problem designing a very strong, perhaps over engineered structural frame, light cloth coverings should be as

Yeah it is custom Part of a set of engineered steel work for this deck two beams and several posts The main joists are all on stainless joist hangers fixed to a timber plate bolted into the channel of the steel portal beam This is the vee bracket I mentioned Fabricated by Black Steel in Auckland, who also