metal decking floor section

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Jun , Floor and roof deck US A Abstract A structural deck especially suited for floors and roofs It comprises an undulating metal structure having Another disadvantage of presently used cellular sections blended with fluted sections to form modules is that a large number of different modules are

Oct , Shear resistance or resistance to lateral forces is provided by a single continuous metal sheet either flat or corrugated (a deck type sheet) fastened to the steel gauge sheet metal or corrugated steel sheets which are normally used in the construction process for the decking or floors of multi story buildings.

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about decking and railing Elevations steel deck framing often provides the support beneath commercial projects, ranging from lakeside paths on a college campus in Utah to a large Top boards are heavier than comparable lumber sections.

Nov , A cellular decking unit, for field assembly or factory assembly, useful in the construction of a wire distributing floor structure The cellular decking unit is assembled from upper and lower metal sheets arranged so as to provide laterally open channels The channels are adapted to receive and to be closed by

Sep , Despite its steel and glass construction, the house functions like a traditional tropical house with tall ceiling heights, well lit interior spaces, and Timber is used as the floor finishes for both the Living and the deck areas, thus merging the Living Dining and the deck through the full height glass panels.

Aug , The metal raceway section comprises a corrugated element presenting alternating lengthwise troughs and lengthwise flutes connected by common webs Capping means (, ) Metal raceway section for wiring distribution system, and floor structure comprising such a raceway section EP A.

Aug , A concrete floor system includes the use of sheet metal pan or decking and sheet metal z shaped closures sitting upon low profile open web steel joist providing a is a schematic side elevational view in cross section of a floor constructed in accordance with one embodiment of the invention FIG.

Mar , The bridge deck panel includes an elongated metal deck plate stiffened longitudinally by longitudinal stiffening metal ribs The bridge deck panel also FIG is a cross section view of a longitudinal inverted Tee rib on a longitudinal girder taken between two adjacent transverse floor beams .

The composite concrete and electrified metal decking floor of claim wherein each of said cover plates comprises a single elongated sheet of The floor of claim wherein the elevation of the flat portions of inner section of said cover plates is less than the flat portion of the two outer sections thereof, wherein said legs are