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Read reviews of Orange Glo hardwood floor cleaner from a couple readers, sharing what they like, and don t about the product, and advice for how to remove it if you need to at the same time You can read this Orange Glo wood floor cleaner and polish review here Orange Glo in Clean Polish Wood Furniture

Thanks for sharing how you removed this product from your wood floor Joan, although it sure does sound like a fiasco just as you ve said Sorry you had to go through this process Interestingly, I ve suggested to people who ve been unhappy with Orange Glo, and wanted to remove it from their floors, to use ammonia.

Oct , An honest Decorist review with details about how the Decorist service works and how to use it to get professional help decorating your home with a designer eye give us some direction for the room seemed well worth , since I didn t want to end up with a bunch of furniture that didn t really look right

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Dec , The name of our flooring is Knob Hill Birch, I d rather not share where we got them because I m not entirely sold on the quality They are real I decided to use it down in The Little Cottage great room, and just for the heck of it, I tried the Orange Glo Wood Furniture in Clean Polish on it This is one of