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, is pond time, or at least the time when ponds come into their own It is also a great time to make a garden pond, since the weather is warming up and plants and fish can grow speedily There are a few rules of thumb For a start, always make a garden pond as large as possible small ones heat up

, REDISCOVER an ancient craft and turn your garden hedge into a home grown security system and a wonderful haven for wildlife The basic idea of weaving with living plants has already morphed into some more decorative domestic versions that can be found in designer gardens, so I m sure there s

Mar , Be realistic about what you grow in your garden, stick with old faithfuls which don t require more effort than you can give them Tobiary yew hedge at Malvern Court It seemed like a good idea at the time this is one of the saddest phrases in the English language, and in the garden it can mean that you are

, If there are lots of outdoor toys it s a good idea to invest in a lock up garden chest where they can all be put away tidily To prevent balls, dogs or small kids ending up in neighbours gardens, plant informal banks of shrubs round boundaries Choose the more indestructible kinds such as flowering currant,

, LATE autumn is a good time to plan changes to your garden, for instance planting a new hedge That s because the dormant season of late autumn through winter is the best time to plant hedges, particularly if you buy bare rooted whips from specialist nurseries These young plants will be much cheaper

, I very much hope you have enjoyed visiting Frogmore House and garden, which holds a special place in my family s affections, the Queen said in a plantings, which include the recent addition of a grove of cherry trees, told listeners he discussed ideas with the Queen during garden perambulations.

, fruit, garden, tree, apple, pear, growing, Alan Titchmarsh S MAG Any apple picked straight from the tree in your own garden tastes better than anything you can buy Why go to all the bother of growing your own fruit, people ask, when you can just buy it instead Well it s true you can have Australian

, A TINY front garden can still look amazing, it just needs careful planning, Shade tolerant and fragrant plants like chamomile and golden marjoram are great choices Choose tallish, airy plants to create a semi see through screen the idea is to give yourself some privacy while still being able to see out.

, Want to save money, grow organically, and have the best possible garden Read on These aren t the odd and absurd gardening gimmicks or wives tales that go viral online These are smart, practical tips from experienced, organic gardeners who like sustainability both in their gardens and their wallets.

, If you have ever seen the tiny designer gardens at flower shows such as Chelsea or Hampton Court, you will have an idea of just how stunning some of This allows you to pack in a lot of varied planting without overcrowding your space and is a good way of maintaining privacy if you are living cheek by

, That ll need to be close to the house and most people put their paving outside the patio doors, with a few hanging baskets and tubs of flowers for decoration, since this is a more sedentary zone where they ll be safe A family garden needs a bit of screening off, not just for privacy, but to contain small children

, From vacuuming too late in the day to trampolining too high in your garden The everyday ways YOU could become an accidental law breaker you in court on a nuisance charge and even bouncing around on a trampoline could be launching you so high that you re invading someone else s privacy.

, Artworks and unusual containers for flowers made of tree roots personalize yard landscaping ideas, bringing a lyrical mood or stimulating a playful atmosphere in beautiful gardens Advertisement The most famous and largest root garden is located in the UK and is owned by Prince Charles You can

, If you d like garden seats and a table then you ll want a hard, flat surface which means a patio, decking, some lawn or a paved or gravelled courtyard style area But don t instinctively plump for a rectangle of paving outside your patio doors Sketch out several ideas Try a circular area or a couple of offset,

, WANT a kitchen garden that also makes a style statement Alan Titchmarsh shares his tips on creating a stylish kitchen garden [GETTY] Another idea would be to position a large, bottomless container in the centre and use it to grow golden courgettes, which will cascade down around the edges.

, I would love a big garden full of plant pots full of flowers and vegetables! An article full of ideas for How To Create Your DREAM Balcony Garden I was so honoured last year when Lu from LuLovesHandmade agreed to answer some questions about her glorious small, balcony garden and offer some tips

, When you start designing, the ground rules are much the same as for any garden design scheme Begin by trying out several rough plans on paper or on your computer Start with an outline of the area showing any existing features that you want to keep, such as big trees, then pencil in new ideas starting

, Why do we garden What is the real value of it And what are the secrets to the best gardens These ideas come from a recent talk by Monty Don, host of BBC Gardener s World Monty Don is the current host of the BBC show Gardener s World, which is the most popular gardening show in the UK.