making front porch step handrails

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Jun , And after an almost entire wasted day this past Saturday, the stairs leading up to our front porch just may have been another one of those times! But after I had bought components to build railings that would have looked great but that also made creating accurate, strong joints an incredible challenge.

Jul , If you missed Monday s post, check it out here for some before shots of the space, see all the deck furniture and accessories here, and find out how we In the end we decided to spend the extra money and add the railings, but we did make the steps bigger on the deck to scale back the linear footage of the

Columns for your porch come in a variety of styles ranging from traditonal wood, stone, and brick to vinyl Use them in conjunction with your porch railings to enhance the look of your both your porch and home Front porch posts not only help define the style of your home but also make your porch more inviting.

Front porch steps, if designed correctly, can make a small porch appear larger or a large porch more grand! See how she used porch floor paint and numbers to jazz her front steps Mary and I recommend you start by finding the right design in case you have to modify your porch steps to accommodate the railings.

The story of adding wood porch railings to a porch as told by the homeowner, Lynn See the wire fence A Sweet Grandchild is Born A year later my daughter had our very first grandchild This began the quest to figure out how to enclose the porch for Layla so Adding wood porch railings makes a nice difference.

Whether installed vertically or in intricate patterns, wood porch railings can make any porch look aesthetically pleasing painted wood It is important to note that subtle changes can make big differences for your overall front porch design or to your wood deck railings The rows of rectangles create a fence type theme.

Nov , Make your front porch stairs part of the entry experience, not solely a means to your front door Here are eight ideas to She decided on foot wide stairs that fill the space between the columns and stone piers, and added a wrought iron handrail to repeat the curve of the stairs They are suitable for

Our outdoor Christmas decorating ideas are sure to make your jingle bells ring this season! From old fashioned sleds we have here for you Your decorated front porch, home, and yard will be the envy of your neighborhood A fun family project is to create a natural garland across your porch railings Gather lots of pine

Mar , Ready To Build A Railing Step Right Up! We recently bought a duplex, which we ll be using as a rental property The building itself is pretty solid, although there are a few projects on the to do list check back to see some of them The building has a porch across the front, and the porch is in decent shape

Jan , The best part this five dollar project took all of fifteen minutes The finishing touch and perhaps my favorite is the rug I painted directly onto the front porch landing (see the full how to tutorial here) It makes me me happy every time I walk up the steps Paint Porch Rug for Blog Long Shot (x)

May , The new steps make such a HUGE difference! widen front steps Originally I was going to place the planters on either side again, but because I had I also have a small front porch and narrow steps with no railing, and the area drives me bonkers when trying to come up with ideas to brighten spruce it us.

Open porches can make a great transition from the outside to the inside of your home Mary and I love the look of open porches Open porches allow a complete view of the surrounding area and are usually easily accessible They generally have wide stairways and only a few steps To avoid needing railings (balustrade)

Your porch is the first thing people see so make yours not only pleasing but also welcoming as well Learn how to Porch designs are based on mostly these visual structural features the roof, porch columns, and porch railings Change any Also note the rounded steps which continue the architectural lines Although this

Wheel chair ramps and portable wheelchair ramps will help anyone who has mobility issues or difficulty climbing steps We help you The railings seem to disappear and the ramp s unique design adds to the overall appeal of the home See a video and find resources to help you build your own wheelchair ramp.