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Feb , Let s Talk Wood Stains For many home renovators, sanding and re finishing a hardwood floor is simply a right of passage Staining a floor, however, adds a twist of uniqueness, something extra Most commonly, we stain floors with an oil based semi transparent product Applied with a brush, pad or even a

Behr Premium Semi Transparent Weatherproofing All in One Wood Stain and Sealer Roll wood deck The lighting and time of day makes the stain look quite different in these pictures, but it did darken to a rich golden brown Perhaps more color than I had originally intended, especially for the first application on a new

Oct , What s that semi transparent black stuff in the picture Well, part of the deck for this house is in a screened in porch and it wouldn t make much sense to have a screened in porch when the critters can simply come up from below and feast on your ankles To avoid this situation, we put hardware cloth on

May , Stunning mosaic tiles, lava stone walls and recycled surfboards are among the great ideas for an outdoor shower Rustic Deck by Robert Edson Swain Architecture and Design Robert Edson Swain Architecture Semitransparent stain protects the wood of this outdoor shower outside of New Orleans.

Jun , We finally landed on Chocolate in Semi Transparent stain from Behr behr wood stain And here s the chocolately goodness in action stained behr deck behr stained deck deck stained chocolate You can see some patio furniture in our backyard ready to find a new home on our back deck We just need

May , Using a fresh pad applicator, we painted the deck with Behr Premium Semi Transparent Weather Proofing Wood Stain in Cordovan Brown While my husband applied the paint Oh, I should also note that the little table in the above photo was also painted with the deck stain I thought about painting it the

May , I decided to go for a dark brown stain (semi transparent chocolate by behr), and I really like it although staining was a total bear of a job It took me Bros, I m not gonna tip toe around it, this is a sponsored post, and I m proudly endorsing Fencein Deck, the company who built our fence If you re in the twin

Nov , The year of the deck continued as we took advantage of more summer like April weather to tackle the dreaded deck stain project This came just a week after Finally I settled on DeckScapes Exterior Waterborne Semi Transparent stain in a custom color Riverwood Once he mixed it, there was no

Semitransparent Deck Stain This type of stain has heavier doses of pigmentation added to it, but the wood grain still shows through These hues of deck stains are recommended for older decks that have had a few boards replaced along the way The depth of hue will make all of the boards seem more uniform Re apply

Jan , We used Behr Semi transparent stain to finish our deck project Obviously, we re not staining our deck in frigid January, but with our busy schedule I just never managed to share pictures of the deckthat we completed We decided not to spray or use a stain applicator pad roller after looking at pictures.

Mar , Thompson s WaterSeal asked me to design a dream deck and told me to bring an assistant My sister and I We started with a clean slate deck pre stained with Thompson s WaterSeal Semi Transparent Water Proofing Stain in a beautiful Acorn Brown color Want more ideas for a Bali inspired deck

May , Thompson s Water Seal Review The Solution for Giving Your Deck a Face Lift Waterseal Deck Cleaner As you can tell from the before pictures I had a LOT of work ahead of me Thompson s WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain Semi Transparent Tinted provides complete outdoor wood protection.

Mar , We settled on their semi transparent waterborne stain, though I m reconsidering using a different product in the back after doing some asking around about the quality of that particular SW product (Front color is Mountain Ash, I think ) I ran out of good weather last fall to do both decks, but with the (very)

Jun , The support on the left of the picture below didn t need to be straight, because we ll be cutting it off below the deck planks The other one, though, and tested them out The first three from the left are semi transparent stains (Pewter, Valise, and Cordovan Brown), and the last is just a regular walnut stain.

Jul , Mr Suburble and I had talked about building the deck ourselves for about fifteen minutes Then we remembered how much the deck this season I m going to ask you, my colour savvy readers should I go for a natural or coloured stain Without Added Sugar Next Glamourous Glamping Ideas!

Apr , For the first few years, I stained every other year but after years, I started doing it every single year I didn t really intend the following picture to become a commercial for Cabot stain, but this is simply the brand I used last month For whatever reason, the bees consistently went after the deck area.

May , Semi transparent stain will tint the wood but still allow the grain to show You can get semi transparent stains in wood tones and a variety of other colors, such as green, blue, gray and more Solid stain goes on more like paint, completely covering the grain It protects the wood completely against weather