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Oct , I was so excited when I learned of a local company in our area that distributes nationwide The Stair Barrier The Stair Barrier creates safety gates for babies and pets that are not only easy to install, but also take style into account I loved that The Stair Barrier gates were easy to install as well as un install

Aug , ) Century Product Co of Macedonia, Ohio, produces a child security gate model , which has a swinging gate using elastic frictional bumpers at the ends of threaded rods to frictionally hold the gate frame in place On one side, the frictional bumpers are generally rectangularly shaped with circular

Finally, a Baby Gate That Isn t a Barrier to Your Style! Giveaway by Amanda Macy Hall March , It s a no brainer that our kiddos are easy on the eyes, but you know what else is a visual treat in our lives A clean and organized home that is oh so suited for our personal decor style That s why we love sharing

Sep , The Loft baby gate by Munchkin (originally called the Numi ), one of the few (only ) baby gates on the market with a deliberate focus on a modern aesthetic Depending on the type and layout of your home (and your parenting style), you may not use baby gates at all But if you do and have been frustrated

Nov , We never go anywhere without at least one baby gate, especially when our boys were c ling or just learning to navigate stairs Having a gate allowed us to create a safe space for them to play without needing to be hovered over Thankfully, there aren t too many dangers where we travel But even going

Jun , I finally found super sturdy option that gave us the flexibility we needed and we installed these baby gates on all three sets of stairs in our house Thanks to these gate clamps {which we painted black} we were even able to attach a gate to our black banister without damage Best of all, the latches on these

May , A safety recall has been issued for what could be the trusty baby gate at the top of your staircase Swedish furniture superstore Ikea is recalling two of their pressure mounted baby gates, the Patrull Kl?mma and Patrull Smidig In its recall report, Ikea stated that these two gates should not be placed at the

Dec , A child and pet security gate is disclosed for use in larger passageways The security gate includes multiple (at least three) telescopically sliding panels that extend to close the passageway and retract to minimum width The extension and retractive relative sliding movement is progressive thus, only one

Jan , If you own a home with a pet, or an infant, chances are you have this product in your home It s a popular safety item If you don t own one, and have stairs, you should really consider getting one It s a pet baby gate I remember when we had gates up in our home We had one to block the sliding glass door

Aug , Recently I had some family members ask me about the types of baby gates I used for my kids Now don t get me wrong, I m not some kind of baby gate aficionado or anything, but I had one in my house that they really liked, and they wanted to know what I thought of it and where I got it from My kids are

I m pretty useless as a handyman Tools are not my friend, and I try to avoid them whenever I can When my wife and I were looking for a baby gate we were set on finding a gate that did not require installation of any kind We would eventually settle on something very similar to the First Year Hands Free

Jan , Like maybe a second child safety gate Gate for keeping the cat out of the nursery The child safety gate in the nursery doorway But then we noticed something interesting it seemed like Grendel wouldn t or couldn t get over this gate At first we thought this was just due to lack of interest on her part,

Jun , Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Gate Boba Wrap Carrier Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair Evenflo Amp Belt Positioning High Back Booster Bumbo Multi Seat Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Baby K tan Original Baby Carrier VTech Safe Sound Digital

May , Toddler behind a baby gate As Consumer Reports puts it Pressure mounted gates simply press on opposing walls They should be used only where falling isn t a hazard, such as between two rooms or to discourage your little explorer from climbing up stairs Pressure mounted gates are not secure

Feb , We just got rid of our last baby gate Ours were the standard white metal gates that did their job well, but weren t visually appealing in the least Unlike other items for baby, designers have left the baby gate market virtually untouched In this case, taking matters into your own DIY hands may be the best

PATENTED OUT , MoDONALD BABY GATE APPLICATION FILED MAY , CHARLES MCDONALD, OF BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS BABY GATE Specification of Letters Patent Patented Oct , Application filed ay , Serial No , To aZZ whom it may concern Be it known that ,

Sep , If you have a dog as well as a cat, you may want a pet gate with a smaller door for your cat to wander around as he pleases Great for smaller and larger pets One touch release handle allows you to walk through instead of stepping over it Durable Child proof safety handle Great for the top of stairs

Sep , Baby proofing solutions are designed to be temporary, which is code for highly likely to break or fall apart when you still need it. We have a baby gate in the kitchen that my husband initially installed according to manufacturer s directions by wedging it against the door jam That thing didn t stand a change