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Black Curved Glass Electric Fireplace Wall Mount Remote by Northwest .Modern Indoor Fireplaces by Trademark Global View Avery Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace, White .Contemporary Indoor Fireplaces by AKDY Home Improvement SALE View Logan Electric Fireplace, .

Apr , With a considered composition, a sunny central courtyard and attention to the flow of spaces, this modern family home thinks outside the box in every way Modern Exterior by The indoor outdoor planter helps bring the outdoors inside, and vice versa, but at a much smaller and intimate scale, he says.

Oct , Northern flickers are medium large birds, averaging around inches in length, with a heavy, slightly down curved bill Bigger than a A diversity of plant heights in your landscaping and a selection of native plants in your gardens will create an environment rich in the northern flicker s favorite foods Plant

Nov , Georgian architecture departed from the English Baroque style of the early th century, which was characterized by bold and opulent curved shapes, strong lines, ornamental design Terrace houses were mostly in straight lines, but crescents were also common, as were squares around a central garden.

Apr , It s an experiment that produced something unique, and in that sense, the attempt to get outside the box was probably very much appreciated The focal point of the room is a curved Fornasetti cabinet with a Palladio design, complemented by the Flos Snoopy lamp, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo

Jun , Wood is a popular choice for building plant boxes because it s fairly inexpensive, readily available, and lasts quite a few years But you do As with any building materials, you must do your own research to make sure the choices you make are safe, eco friendly, sustainable, and right for your situation.

Nov , Then I pinned the back of the rolled arm, making three gathers in the rounded portion for a smooth fit How to make a sectional slipcover, step by step Confessions of a Save Before moving forward with the front of the rolled arm, I needed to make a the piping for the outside edge of the rolled arm.

Apr , Outside the box Break the grid, and add curves and circles to that wall That s what Nest Architects did at its College Place project in Melbourne Shabby chic Style Bedroom by Nest Architects Nest Architects The light shining through the portal windows into the bedroom acts as a feature within the wall.

Nov , Carfax released a study earlier in that claimed there were more than million active vehicles on the road with open safety recalls This represented a year over year of a percent increase With a safety recall, the manufacturer first notifies the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, then a

Jul , Calculations for the square footage of a home are taken from the outside dimensions of the structure (so exterior and interior wall thickness is included) If your home exterior is easily accessible, you can do it yourself with a foot tape measure Walk around the exterior measuring each segment and

Feb , Creating DIY raised garden beds, or garden boxes, in your backyard is a great way to protect your veggies, herbs, and flowers for your raised garden beds! A word of caution before we dive into the inspiration If you ll be gardening with any edible plants, make sure to research all materials for food safety.

Nov , My husband and I shared a great vision for the midcentury ranch that we purchased earlier this year replace miles of tan carpeting with miles of light maple hardwood flooring What came next was the realization that with light wood floors, we would need to embrace light wood details with our furniture and

Sep , Study nook If space is at a premium and you re reluctant or unable to give over an entire bedroom to work, consider using an alcove for a chic desk The curved backs of these beautiful built in storage units give this home a sense of grandeur and a wonderful backdrop to show off an array of quirky and

Aug , In the s round conversation pits, circular rugs and curved sectionals were the grooviest, and updated to a contemporary scale and balanced, they ve still got it Modern Living Room by Works Photography Inc Works Photography Inc Large abstract paintings These brought in bold colors in the s, often

Sep , The sculptural bathtub, bronze planters overhead, live edge wood vanity and Moroccan screens are the big view from the bedroom The shower is tucked in the back (see curved wall on the right), and the toilet is in a concealed private room behind the tub Contemporary Bedroom by Kim Duffin for Sublime

Nov , The Curve Embracer In this Vancouver townhouse, designer Lori Steeves embraced the existing ebony wood veneer on Wide views to the southeastern English garden bring in all the color this kitchen needs Share Would you go dark in the kitchen Let s have another lively chat in the Comments More

Aug , Curved Spaces This tiny house in Bokenas, Sweden, is dubbed Hus and measures square feet The unique curved wall structure is freestanding and can be moved anywhere A large glass bifold door opens to the patio and connects the multiuse kitchen, living and dining space to the outdoors.

And sometimes shear luck plays a big part as in this photo of a Monarch butterfly with its abodomen curved in the act of laying an egg I have yet to see another photo which Also, if you or someone in your household likes to garden, do a little research and plant a butterfly garden I know some are attracted by the color

Sep , The U shaped building shell is a concrete masonry unit construction [seen here painted white], and the roof structure is a subtly curved, wood framed wing shape which hovers above The roof material is terne coated copper [terne is an alloy of tin and lead], which, due to the shallow curvature, required

Sep , Create more planting space Urban gardens often create nontraditional planting spaces, and thinking beyond planting in the ground can open up your options Here, a custom cedar planter box has become a treasure trove of culinary herbs Stainless steel trays protect the wood and add a metallic accent.

Sep , You see the Japanese and Koreans have seen fit to fully redesign their sedans despite the current sales curve Consumer tastes always seem to be a pendulum and I am sure that sedans at some point soon will swing back as young drivers eschew SUV Crossovers as the cars their parents drive and

Aug , Tucked behind the fireplace and in front of the curved wall is a staircase that leads to the basement The dark plaster helps the curved wall recede from the brighter living space and echoes the furnishings ebony finishes A square window brings in valuable light The fireplace surround was kept low so that

Aug , Creative use A garden office Design Patrick Michell of Platform Architects This smoothly curved garden shed in the St John s Wood district of London was designed as a home office for its owner, who was taking a sabbatical from her job to write a book and wanted a creative space in which to do so.

Aug , It seems as if the various volumes and curves work in perfect balance, the convex curve on the left rooting the house into the site as the concave curve on the right leans over the slope Along with the windows, light also comes in through the gaps that are created by shifting the boxes relative to each other.