deck treatment for wet-environment polyethylene

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Aug , The deeper an aqueous silane composition penetrates into masonry, the better the water impermeability of treated masonry In situations The masonry materials that can be treated in accordance herewith are preferably dry when treated with the water repellent compositions, although they may be wet.

Jun , Due to its gentle soothing sound and experientiality, the hydraulophone has found many uses in wellness centres, water therapy, rehabilitation, and the like, Thus the necks need not be perfectly rigid, and in fact may be made of simple plastic material like a plastic drink bottle, in which the neck and bulb

Jan , The reactive chemistry used in forming the aqueous coating solution can act to prevent release of volatile carbonyl compounds from the printed by package contaminant volatilizing or off gassing in the environment surrounding the packaged food followed by permeation through a plastic package to the

Jan , The powder coating which does not adhere to the substrate can be recovered for re use, so that powder coatings are economical in use of ingredients as well as non polluting to the environment The powder is then cured on the substrate by the application of heat (the process of stoving), usually for a

Nov , and discloses a combination of polyethylene and concrete by mechanical interlocking for chemical resistant sewer pipe In the process of making the inventive FRC SSM composite, the wet concrete is poured into the preformed SSM member (mold) and allowed to cure or set slowly In one

Dec , The foamable composition of any of claims to wherein at least one of the blowing agents comprises hollow expandable plastic microspheres one reactive diluent selected from the group consisting of monoglycidyl ethers of C to C monoalcohols, monoglycidyl ethers of the oil of dried cashew nut

Mar , The repellent composition of claim wherein the mint oil is present in an amount from about to about weight percent and wherein the castor oil is Surface active agents useful in the present compositions may be selected from the group consisting of polyethylene oxide esters of fatty acids,

Apr , Most raised beds available today are made of cedar, recycled plastic or a composite material using wood flour and polypropylene Sure, old deck boards could be used to make a raised garden bed, just be sure the boards haven t been treated It will make the cedar look bright, as when it s wet.

May , The engineered wood product of Claim , further comprising one or more additional components, selected from the group consisting of wet strength resins, agent is present, and the hydrophobic agent is selected from the group consisting of oils, waxes, polyethylene glycol, fatty acids and calcium stearate.

Nov , A composition comprised of asphalt and filler, wherein said filler is comprised of particles that comprise an inorganic core and a coating disposed on said core, and To a wet web of mm long glass fibers, derived from drainage of a white water slurry, was added at room temperature, a standard

Nov , The polymer of Claim , wherein the prepolymer composition further compnses polyethylene glycol dimethylmethacrylate tetra(ethylene glycol) produce hulls and decks of boats and ships, or to coat the surfaces of existing hulls and decks for protection, maintenance and repan Boats including but

Jan , The problems inherent to organic waste production and subsequent treatment require economical processes which avoid the afore mentioned environmental problems The efficiency of these processes is considerably enhanced when, in addition to providing a practical disposal of organic waste, the

May , The invention relates generally to modified thermoplastic rubber formulations useful as coatings in wet use environments and particularly to such coatings useful as high wet friction coatings on surfboards, bathtubs, shower stalls, boat decking and the like Description of the Prior Art Literally hundreds of

Even so, all early generation wood plastic composites, whether or a competitor s product, were not stain, scratch or mold free, and did fade slightly in color as This subtle color variation offers the look of luxurious tropical hardwoods, like ipe decks, but without the environmental strain of harvesting endangered woods.

Aug , The sleeve includes a concrete body that is poured on site, using a sleeve core prepositioned in the post hole, and around which wet concrete is poured Replacing a post that has been anchored in concrete is difficult, wasteful, and unfriendly to the environment for reasons that include excessive use of

Jan , On the other hand, fire retardant sandwich panels for use as a construction material have been prepared by treating a paper with foam forming fireproofing agent and bonding this paper to two outer layers of plastic, wood or metal However, these outer layers are rigid and thus prevent the formation of a

May , In many environments, it may be useful for the product to have specific properties In some applications it For example, a wood plastic composite (WPC) may comprise the saw dust or at least other mechanically treated wood or plant particles as main organic natural fiber material Mechanically treated

Apr , A multi layer wrap system as in claim wherein the marginal edge of said seal layer is overlain with a strip of plastic foam secured in place by said outer Thus, there is a vital need to encapsulate at least the base portion of poles emplaced on land (in soil) and wet environments to prevent such leaching

Dec , A water in oil (W O) microemulsion is one in which water is at a droplet center surrounded by oil The submicroscopic droplets micelles may take up solutes and often exhibit different environments than exhibited by bulk solvents Microemulsion droplets have been used to encapsulate water soluble agents

Jan , The present hydroponic kit includes a storage container with openings in a top to support tapered plastic tubes Growing medium is added to the tubes, and seeds are planted in the tubes and are wet from the top After to days, the tubes are placed in the cover of the container, where the tubes extend

Feb , discloses a filter material a composed of both natural and synthetic plastic fibers Infusion packets, for the Especially in a fright provoking hospital environment, all efforts should be made to see that all patients, most noteworthy children, are treated as normally as possible It is a further an object of the

Aug , However, the use of acid treatments to clean up mercury spills and surface contamination is disfavored because, in addition to the safety hazards to or more embodiments, crystal habit modifiers may be glycols such as monoethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, and polyethylene glycol.

Feb , Other considerations are the environment to which the coating will be exposed after it is applied Binders of the Any plastic or resin can be employed as a substrate for durable hydrophobic or superhydrophobic coatings including, without limitation polyolefins (such as a polypropylene and polyethylene),

Aug , It is known that in an alkaline environment, the cellulose comprising the other approximately of the typical log also becomes plasticized during To compare a steam and water system with wet alkaline steam at pH of , tests were run on southern pine veneer blocks under equal and controlled mill

May , Adequate blade swipe frequency is provided, with gentle C shape blade profiles yielding self cleaning blades with lower running friction The low energy sickle mower can be have its cutting deck so positioned so as to have a rake angle (RA) for improved cutting, and or additionally comprise a projection

Mar , The system of claim , wherein the first screen deck is configured to remove a plastic material from the recyclable material, the first screen deck is the need to sort glass by size and color advantageously decreases the labor, equipment, and equipment maintenance costs associated with recycling glass.