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Mar , A deep look at the processes used at the Ohio factory tasked with building the world s supply of Acura NSX supercars Read more and see images at Car and Driver The standard roof is aluminum while a carbon fiber panel is available for an extra The spaceframe and body panels are completed

Jun , Like other manufactured products that use sandwich panel construction to achieve a combination of light weight and strength, turbine blades contain carefully arrayed strips of balsa wood from Ecuador, which provides percent of the world s supply For centuries, the fast growing balsa tree has been

Apr , The new ATS GT revives an old Italian car marque Each car is built around the needs of each individual client, delivering the ultimate driving and ownership experience to each driver Frame CrMo Tubolar or Carbon fiber monocoque chassis with integrated rollcage with honeycomb panels

Apr , One of the best way to make vehicles more energy efficient, whether they run on gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or electricity, is to make them lighter Aluminum is often used to do that because it can be as strong or stronger than steel while weighting a lot less Initially, aluminum was mostly found in high end

Dec , Inside will be lots of black, set off by red and white accents, heaps of carbon fiber and aluminum look trim, diamond quilting on the seats and new treats like the Formula One style shift lights And oh by the way, The new Audi RS Avant is a high performance sports car for everyday use Its character and

Feb , The Arash AF is built around a tubular steel chassis that s reinforced with carbon fiber, Kevlar and a special aluminum honeycomb The vehicle s body panels are also constructed of carbon fiber All told the car should clock in at a scant , kilograms, roughly , pounds Like what you ve seen so far

Nov , High carbon steel is often used for high end kitchen knives because it is wear resistant, meaning it stays sharper longer Steel is found in all kinds of products, low carbon steels easy to machine and weld They are frequently used in automobile body panels, bolts, fixtures, seamless tubes, and steel plate.

Jan , The new Markforged Metal X is pretty great It is a full metal D printer that generates real metal parts out of powdered metal which is then hardened under massive heat and allows for amazingly strong and light materials The printer uses tubes of powered metal bound with plastic The extruder first

While some of these technologies may sound as if they came from decades down the linegraphene structural material that is just one atom thick Suspensions that can generate electricity they re all possible today In fact, many go beyond simply being possible They just may be the selling points of your next car.

Mar , At the Geneva Motor Show this week, Exagon took the wraps off a beautiful copper version of the carbon fiber and honeycomb body We re not quite sure The McLaren F is year old exotic that was the most expensive production car in the world when it went on sale for , pounds That s about

Jul , It is built on a monocoque chassis with a three section bonded tub constructed from aluminium extrusions and aluminium honeycomb that tips the scales at just kg ( pounds), with the body made from RTM reinforced plastic, though, carbon fiber panels are offered as an option The dry weight of the

Jun , The material produced through this innovative manufacturing technology is also used for the car s bucket seats Here, the CFRP layers are wrapped around a recycled paper honeycomb, with a carbon layer made using conventional production technology added to visible areas CFRP is also used to make

Oct , Honda Cars India has just updated its smallest offering in the country, launching the Brio facelift priced at Rs lakh (ex showroom, Delhi) Launched in You now get a premium looking instrument panel with carbon finish and silver accents, while the air con vents have been redesigned for a new look.

May , adhesive material securing the layers together to provide a unified panel In a door that is used in an airplane between the cockpit and the region immediately rearwardly of the cockpit, a laminated barrier panel, comprising at least one ballistic layer of bullet resistant composite material a layer of a mesh

Apr , That s said to be good enough to propel the carbon, kevlar and titanium supercar to km h ( mph) in a don t blink or you ll miss it seconds GTA Motor′s design department , directed by Sento Pallardó, has strived to create an unique automobile that does not resemble other cars in any way.

Dec , Use the honeycomb of underground reactor rooms to test products for their ability to withstand heat, impact and wind Convert the huge stainless steel pools built to store spent nuclear fuel rods in water into testing sites for unmanned, underwater vehicles I can envision putting to percent of the

Nov , Night vision windshields on cars might one day be possible with advanced thermal imaging technology based on flexible, transparent, atomically thin a new thermal imaging system based on sheets of graphene, which are each made of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern.

May , The roof arch in high gloss black supports a roof made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), and the four rings at the front of the car are solid aluminum The front fenders, the doors and the rear side panels of the Audi A clubsport quattro have been widened by a total of millimeters ( in).

Mar , The glass canopy has a reflective gold coating applied to it as used in jet fighters The trademark V shaped grille with honeycomb mesh is now characterised by the central pillar first seen on the Spyker B Venator concept car shown here in Also the rear diffuser was redesigned for improved

Nov , I ve been making carbon fiber stuff for solar cars (both structural composite chassis, as well as aerodynamic shells) for the past years, and this is an excellent guide, especially for a one man operation Major points for making negative molds, a lot of people try to use a positive mold, and the part looks like

Mar , With his latest creation, the X Nighthawk, he has taken yet another approach the frame is made from sandwich panels that have an aramid core and carbon fiber skins The X Nighthawk complete bicycle, on display in Berlin The aramid honeycomb material, used in the X s panels The X

Dec , Read Nanocellulose A cheap, conductive, stronger than Kevlar wonder material made from wood pulp The researchers tested These cracks are somewhat problematic, but they could be easily solved with a composite structure (a ceramic plate, perhaps), or just by using more graphene Remember

Feb , The solar car which was made by two teams of students each at the university in Singapore is composed of a carbon fiber single shell make some sense, a foot x foot solar panel generates thousand watts, the area of an auto with today s technology would maybe let you use the radio.

Nov , The R also gets a flared bumper and rear fenders, while the car s lower sides have a wraparound carbon fiber splitter Inside the cockpit are motorsport style bucket seats with integrated head restraints that feature seat belt openings and embroidered R badging quilted middle seat panels and

For example, in fabricating a sandwich panel five feet by ten feet in size by use of the double retort, the time required for brazing in a furnace of economical heat region results in excessive formation of carbides, an attendant reduction in the carbon content of the austenite and premature transformation of the austenite.

Feb , List of the Formula Cars with photos and details including the locations and dates of all the scheduled races It will be used in the occasion of double waved yellow flags where electronic marshal panels will display VSC The body is made of carbon fiber and honeycomb composite structure.

Beyond the standard trim, matte aluminum and carbon fiber appearance packages are available Both packages include large Quattro lettering located low down on the grille, within a sub grille that features even finer honeycomb detailing The carbon fiber package also adds a modified front splitter and rear diffuser, both of