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Mar , Agency Checklists, MA Insurance News, Mass Allegedly, Mr Foss misrepresented the nature of his business on an application for insurance through the Massachusetts Workers Compensation In fact, some of the testimonials from customers speak of general construction projects but others say .

Oct , In March of this year, Robert Foss, the owner of Bob Foss Contracting, was indicted on four counts of worker s compensation fraud by the Attorney General s statewide Grand Jury involving misclassifying with roofer employees See Agency Checklists March , article, Roofer Indicted For ,

Jun , When fashion and safety collide the beard debate Construction worker with a beard Facial hair is hugely popular at the moment but it may also be placing your employee in danger A quick look out the window proves that the beard remains a must have male fashion accessory As we approach peak

Dec , Veritas Consulting provides a checklist which will improve construction site safety over the Christmas holidays even while you re not there These employees will also need some basic health and safety training to protect themselves while on site alone You also need to make sure these employees are

Dec , According to the National Renewable Energy Labs Jobs and Economic Development Impact modeling, a megawatt (MW) project can employ up to people for construction and construction related services These workers infuse new money into local economies when they stay in communities

Sep , Agency Checklists, MA Insurance News, Mass Insurance News On August , the Governing Committee Review Panel of Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers (CAR) heard the appeal of Patriot PLC Insurance (Patriot) from the June decision of the Market Review Committee affirming the

Jul , Critically, here in the UK, firms need to combine both training and targets if they want to change workplace behaviour A study published in the Health Safety Practitioner magazine revealed that British construction workers were immune to targets and training in isolation Instead, researchers suggest that

Get the construction app for the jobsite Fieldwire connects your entire field team, from the project manager all the way down to each specialty contractor s foreman, on one construction management platform Making it effortless for anyone to view their d ings, schedule work and track their punch list while they are in

Mar , Safety and health management guidelines can be used by any industry including manufacturing, construction, health care, retail, education, etc Management leadership Worker Participation Hazard Identification and Assessment Hazard Prevention and Control Education and Training Program

Mar , There are no signs to warn of workers in the road, and the manhole is unmarked, presenting a danger to the man and to motorists who may drive into the Ensure records are kept of all training, providing proof in the event of an HSE inspection that all reasonable steps have been taken to protect workers.

Sep , FTTx C RAN, Fronthaul and Remote Radio Heads University of Bristol and Lund University Partner to Set World Records in G Wireless Spectral Efficiency Smart City Use Cases and Trends CIO checklist for fast tracking your IoT investments Carrier IoT Case Studies mmWave The Battle of the Bands

Mar , Many things in modern development processes remind me how pilots work flight planning sessions, checklists, team work, status checks, As a kid I wanted to be an engineer construction worker and build huge buildings I guess cranes on construction sites near our home were so compelling According

Jan , There s been a constant stream of projects around my home lately They ve ranged from exciting (new kitchen cabinets) to demoralizing (finding mold in our guest room ceiling), but they ve all included a fair bit of construction dust Along the way, I developed this checklist for cleaning up efficiently See More.

Jan , Mental health in the construction industry, is a serious matter Construction worker with depression Often overlooked, mental health remains a serious concern within the construction industry Although the sector continues to improve the protections offered against physical injury, safeguards for employee

Sep , Veritas Consulting writes about back pain in the UK, how training is essential to maintain your health and avoid back disorders These figures are little surprise, as healthcare professionals and construction workers both do a lot of heavy lifting as part of their daily routine Moving patients from bed to bed,

Mar , Safety training Construction is a high hazard industry, so safety education is essential, especially when using new equipment or performing work on a certain training, contractors can take it a step further by introducing a daily safety huddle in which workers address any potential risks and concerns.

Dec , Many sites shutdown between Christmas and New Year here s your checklist for increasing construction site safety over that period The gap between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to shut down a construction site, allowing workers a well earned break with their family Poor weather and

Oct , Design, training and system expectations made simple The HSE quick checklist on scaffold safety has been updated Worker should be competent for the type of scaffolding work they are undertaking and have received training relevant to the type and complexity of scaffolding on which they work.

Of course, many developers have only a hazy understanding of what accessibility means something to do with government contracts, checklists, and screen readers, right and there are plenty of misconceptions floating around For example, many developers feel that addressing accessibility will force them to choose

May , After all, seasoned construction workers should be able to deal with health issues, bravely soldiering on until payday But the truth is that health is important for all employees, regardless of which industry they work in Which is why construction companies need to take a more proactive lead in managing

Dec , According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry often lands among the top industries at risk for suicide promotion into their existing safety culture, so that it is not just a one off training or awareness campaign, but something that routinely gets addressed in many different settings.

Sep , Construction experience is a big plus, especially if it involved scaffolding or working at heights at all Similarly, work at heights with wind turbines, ships, or electrical also looks good on a resume Companies and recruiters also like to see military experience Not only does it show commitment and the ability

Construction firm owners are understanding the benefits of using smartphone and tablet devices for work One problem with using paper forms for site inspections is that workers could report inspecting a site they never visited Another problem with Start up and closeout checklists are essential to project based work.

Jul , In turn, floor supervisors can see a picture and name of each maintenance worker, their specific task, when and where it is happening, a checklist of their training, and what permits and protective gear they need to have on the job site The report also highlights when training expires, alerting the manager or

Dec , If brief training in mindful breathing and body scans helps construction workers stay safe, is that really so bad It may also be too much to ask secular mindfulness training on the job to have the same impact as sustained Buddhist meditation practice One recent study, for example, found that two weeks of

Sep , If you are looking to build a work environment where workers are well informed on security issues, you need to begin with structuring the topics accordingly To help you brainstorm, we have put together different construction safety topics which any organization can include in their employee training