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Oct , If you are like most homeowners, you want to be able to make the most of the space your home has to offer That includes basements and attics that may require a little creativity Rather than just using these spaces for storage, why night add a soft touch of color to create an area where family and friends can

Mar , Learn how to choose the proper ergonomic floor mats for your needs flooring, exercise mats, garage floors, kids rooms, basement flooring, rubber playground tiles, weight room and gym floors and gymnastics mats How to Choose Ergonomic Flooring What to Look For in Anti Fatigue Flooring.

Aug , Do you have a home gym Do you need a flooring surface for a private workout area Then you will love using these raised floor tiles for basements One of the the most challenging concerns for home gyms is having a durable surface that still looks good with the home s decorative style Fortunately these

May , Whether you ve got a room dedicated to fitness or you just get in an occasional workout in the living room, we ve got a few products and ideas you ll want Flooring is tricky You don t want to ruin nice wood floors with sweat or scuff marks Carpet can absorb sweat (and stink) Tile is awfully hard on the feet

Jul , Vinyl is extremely difficult to scratch and this product is sure to last for years even in demanding commercial applications Portable dance flooring is great for weddings and other special events as well as for people who would like to install a dance floor at home For more information on our portable dance

Jul , Rubber has been widely accepted as the go to material for commercial gym and home weight room flooring for many years But who knew there would be so many options for rubber flooring And how do you know which to choose One of the first things to consider when choosing flooring for a weight

Aug , In some European countries, bare concrete floors are not allowed in warehouses and industrial buildings European countries do tend to have more safety regulations than the United States, but this seemed unusual After all, concrete is one of the most sturdy and affordable flooring options for large scale

Mar , Finally, a way to have the look and convenience of hardwood flooring over carpet of any kind! Great for rentals I gave up an easy to clean stained concrete entryway and a wood floor dining room to move to the city For a piece I took all rolls home thinking I d re donate them if they didn t work out.

Jul , That might seem like an easy task, but remember, you need a tile that is suitable for floor and wall use This same tile Your shower floor should be built like it will be submerged It is also Pick a large format tile and a one way slope for easy access to the shower if you plan to age in your home Using one

May , We are often asked, what s the best dance flooring for my studio With so many options and ideas for dance floors out there, it can be challenging to wade through all the noise and get the information you re looking for The answer to your question depends on the type of studio you have, the type of dance

Oct , The basics Best known for its sustainability and comfort, cork can be installed as a click together floating floor or as glue down tiles While installation can be a DIY project for those with home improvement DIY experience, a professional installation can help seal up all the potential seams and cracks

Aug , Not all dance floors will work over carpeting for home use, Greatmats gives tips and suggestions on what makes a good quality dance floor that can be or want to add a temporary dance floor to your facility, the ProCourt Gym Flooring Tile will deliver the rugged durability you need for years of activity.

This sort of gym flooring has the following gym flooring advantages Easy to install and remove Cushions your body Soundproofs the workout room Provides a non slip surface for fitness equipment Protects permanent flooring from gym activity A bonus is that rubber or foam floor tiles can add style to your home gym.

Apr , Nil used our premium foam mats to cover the entire floor of her square foot dog training center We initially thought we d just you happy for years to come If you would like information about foam mat flooring or other options for your home or business, we re just a mouseclick or phone call away.

In order to share the best information with you, I went last week to Pennsylvania to check out a variety of floor surfaces as a guest of Regupol, German American makers of rubber sports and fitness flooring made of recycled tires Last year we wrote a post about running surfaces in answer to a reader question, which you ll

May , Contemporary Kitchen by Architect Your Home Architect Your Home Go for all over gray Dark gray floor tiles, perhaps a slate or another dark stone, are great for connecting indoors with out They offer a sleek contrast to greenery outside and look smart inside plus they re less likely to show muddy