least expensive wood flooring

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, For average prices, you can google but for hardwood, install on a blank floor is per square foot Rip up can vary Carpet rip up is cheap, we charge cents per square foot If you want to start tearing up ceramic or hardwood, that gets expensive You can have another company remove the old floor,

, Laminate Flooring Laminate is usually slightly more pricey than carpet but less than other surface such as hardwood The materials for laminate aren t too expensive and the labor is quite low Depending on the current conditions of your home s floor, you may be able to install laminate flooring directly on

, Years ago when I decided to paint the floors in my summer house, people were shocked Here s Bare wood floors were so chic and such a staple of s style, that painting them over and covering them up seemed sacrilegious I didn t The floors were cheap, solid oak floors, in great need of refinishing.

, Cheap DIY flooring idea using lath (usually a lumber yards cheapest wood) and painting I might be a bit biased to this option, true Yet a lath floor truly is inexpensive flooring that can be painted in any color you like! It s fairly easy for the DIY person to accomplish (I did it in a day!) and allows for mistakes to

, Black White Checkerboard Floor, DIY from Amy Merrick on a whim, Amy ripped up the vinyl floor in her kitchen and found an old, wooden floor underneath After many hours of Striped Linoleum Tile Floor, DIY from Design Sponge Orlando covered an old floor with inexpensive linoleum tiles By cutting

, It s important for consumers to do their homework before making a purchase especially when buying a relatively expensive item, such as a stick vacuum But there are Absolute s If your house has more rugs than tile or wood floors, the Motorhead may be the better and less expensive option.

, ) I chose plywood flooring for several reasons First it was cheap and I was looking for a cheap fix Second, I love the look of painted wood floors, but I would never be able to bring myself to paint real wood floors I love old houses (mine was built in ) and I can t even paint the wood trim So painting

I am partial to wood floors, especially tongue and groove decking, because I love woodworking It also has the least amount of knots of other decking materials Cedar comes in four different varieties for flooring Architect Clear for the discriminating porch floor enthusiast to Custom Knotty which is less expensive.

, I d say I get at least emails EVERY WEEK with questions about our wood floors even though my original wood floor post was over years ago In fact, we ve found that buying this wood and then installing and finishing it ourself was cheaper than buying quality carpeting and paying for installation.

, (Pictured above) Now the debate whether or not placing an area run over top carpet is an okay thing still rages on pretty strongly these days, so we won t tell you to do this idea over carpet if that s going to bug you But an affordable way to cover large areas of ugly flooring with area rugs is to buy or thrift