low basement ceiling ideas

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Feb , With all due respect to the hardcore pro drywall ceilingers out there (don t you just love that lead in With all due respect You can just get away with saying anything after that just ask Ricky Bobby Mr Dennit, with all due respect, and remember I m sayin with all due respect, that idea ain t worth a velvet

May , For the low ceilings and fluorescent lights, I d remove the drop ceiling and leave the ceiling open rafters Add industrial lighting to brighten up this level By renting a sprayer and putting a coat of bright, white paint on all the surfaces, the room will seem taller and brighter Here s a picture of our basement

May , This is a mantra I stress regularly in my day time profession as a digital marketer but it applies to basement finishing as well Look around, gather some basement ideas The drop ceilings will be removed, replaced with drywall ceilings at what point and how do I mark were my recess lighting will go

Oct , Once our basement was decluttered, it was time to do a little re design plan The last time that it was painted was years ago and it seemed so dark {especially with my brilliant idea to get black furniture} We had it repainted using Statuesque by BEHR and had some white board and batten put up.

Aug , Those sound like a really, really good idea and I don t think I ve ever been to one Go ahead Do it You know you earned it That s why I spent some extra money and time to install insulation in all of the basement ceiling stud bays (the space between the floor joists) Plus, I insulated the walls around the

Mar , The room feels bright and the ceilings aren t too low, it has a white brick fireplace (with a gas insert) and an outside entrance (it s a partially below the ground level basement, I ve started looking at window blinds to replace the pink ones and we are exploring various flooring options to replace the carpet.

May , In my low ceiling bungalow basement we have a hall from the stairs to a back room This is where my For the rest of the house consider ductless options with this solution you can preserve what little head room you have in the basement completely plus save mechanical room space The ductless

Sep , Ceilings often get ignored, but we think of them as the sixth plane, Conroy says In this case, they covered part of the ceiling with perforated corrugated metal panels, which add texture and rhythm overhead and help break up the long expanse The panels can be removed easily to access wiring if

Feb , Basements are often dark and dreary Avoid this by adding can lights to the ceiling and using lighter shades of paint on the walls If possible, add a window well to bring in natural light Contemporary Kids by Justine Sterling Design Justine Sterling Design Make it multiuse If you have a large basement

Feb , I m going to shoot a video of me, walking around my basement, showing you how many recessed lights I put in and where I put them and then I m going to basement recessed lighting ideas I also pre installed a switched plug in the ceiling of the family room for some up lighting in the crown molding.

Jun , I partnered with IZEA and CORT Furniture Clearance Centers on this sponsored post sharing my ideas to create look you ll love with basement furniture you might not have considered All opinions remain We live in a house built in , which means little storage and low ceilings Our small basement

Volume for a Low Ceiling crown molding designs Federal in low ceilinged living area View as slideshow Photo by David Prince Simple, elegant beading makes this Federal style crown molding help a low ceilinged room full of feminine neutral accents read as voluminous The English inspired style was popular after the

Sep , Here are five basement bathroom ideas to consider before you start The closet on the lower left ended up being a great idea , we store extra paper towels, toilet paper, (aka stuff from Costco) Did you My basement ceiling is too low to really do a full finish, but I did have half bath plumbing roughed in.

Feb , Ceiling height This also may be addressed by regulations Residential spaces require some minimum ceiling height In that light if your basement is very low, or you have a low hanging duct work and wiring, you have to reconsider digging down to a new floor level This action include many rough works

Mar , Ceiling Height Due to the air conditional ducts part of their basement ceiling sits lower than the rest Their basement contractor gave them the design option of finishing the entire ceiling at the lower height or just going lower for that one area They choose to go with the higher ceiling wherever it was

Feb , The ceilings were also textured with swirls of plaster (not popcorn) and I think that made the ceilings feel lower than they were Once I attacked every surface I could find with diluted bleach, we had the ceilings sanded and refinished so they were smooth I know some people would be horrified by removing

Jul , Before we bought this house, we loved that the lower level was so filled with natural light It s a walk out basement, but partially underground It was SO different from many of the other houses we saw in Seattle! Basements are often small and dark, or have crazy low ceilings so this one definitely was a

Sep , Part of the reason was that the ceiling in our basement was pretty low and he had to stoop constantly when he was down there working and I think it began to bother his back The other reason After looking at a lot of options, it seems that the best choice is a single industrial strength grow light like this one.