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Feb , Two, I wanted to make sure that if I happened to miss a spot with the sealer, it would at least still be somewhat shiny, especially on the backsplashes and counter edges I used polyacrilic instead of polyurethane to prevent any yellowing over time, since the base color is so light Also, it is water based, for

Jan , Naturally Beautiful Japanese Cabinets Create Excellent Storage for Asian and Eclectic Spaces Today, tansu make excellent buffets, kitchen cabinets and dressers They are available in antiques, side of the kitchen The rest of the finishes were kept simple to let the beauty of the wood cabinets shine.

Aug , Black cabinets Whether painted black or stained ebony, black cabinets create a chic look in a kitchen, but they do take some extra care Every water and grease spot will show up on these cabinets as will an accumulation of dust You should get into a routine of wiping them down at least once a week with a

Feb , It doesn t matter if your cabinetry is stained or painted, using the tips and techniques below will help you eliminate the grime, and make your kitchen cabinets look great again Long Lasting Clean When all of the dirt is removed, apply a wax or polish as a protective covering to prevent future buildup.

Jun , Last week I got a wild hair and decided to stain our kitchen cabinets a darker color Uh yea, still talking Update I forgot to add before that with the cabinets being shiny and sticky, they would have really been messed up once I applied the coat of Poly on top, if the stain never fully dried If you apply poly to

Now a week later, I find oil on the surface of the cabinets, and when I try to clean it, it kitchen cabinets oil and feels like it has dried hard, you might be able to even out the gloss by wiping the cabinets down with a rag dampened with mineral spirits (assuming it was oil based polyurethane) followed by a dry cloth.

May , See how to refinish kitchen cabinets in your home to update their look Easy DIY For corners and edges, I would just gloop it in there to make sure it was all covered with no little missed spots, and smooth it back over This will give you that nice shine look as well as protect the work you just did!

Dec , Have you wondered how to make furniture polish We purchased a kitchen table and chair set when the kids were younger It s probably close to ten years old now and has seen its share of crayons, markers, and wear The finish is starting to come off the top of the table in spots and it has lost its shine.

A clean, fresh, bright kitchen that makes the most of the space will attract buyers and does not need to cost an arm and a leg Related How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Mt Tabor Kitchen Photo by Celeste Lewis Architecture, original photo on Houzz News flash A staged kitchen is not a practical Make the faucet shine.

Jun , J.A.S Design Build This is Clements kitchen, the one that got me thinking about upper cabinets in a whole new way Instead of upper cabinets on every wall, she What follows is a handful of kitchens that make me want to rip out some of mine, and why Make room for a stunning light fixture to shine.

Jul , The interior design firm of Vanillawood recently posted this kitchen that the cabinets were painted in automotive paints for a high gloss awesome white lacquer look Source Vanillawood Design Save Source Vanillawood Design It makes sense to take a closer look at using these paints if you re looking for

Apr , I am about to let you in on my best secret for cleaning my kitchen, but first, I am going to start our story by telling you about a car cleaner In the s there was a severe drought in California These drought conditions created the need for many cities to ban wasteful or excessive water consumption.

Nov , When I had the opportunity to try out a brand new product by Valspar, their Cabinet Enamel paint I was nervous I decided I would tackle a Even then it s not very shiny or noticeable I get compliments I did actually paint my kitchen cabinets white because I loved the paint so much! It is holding up great!

Jul , I like shiny things I love hanging out in my kitchen So, I should probably really really love this mini metallic trend of super glamorous cabinets in materials like brass and mirror mirrored kitchen cabinets greg natale brass kitchen island But the practical side of me just sees little babes running around

It is possible to find black kitchen cabinets that are made with high quality materials and create beautiful and modern kitchens A matte finish is significantly more subdued than glossy surfaces, but that lack of shine can make contemporary kitchen cabinets work better with striking lighting fixtures and large windows.

Jan , Knowing how to deep clean woodwork not only makes the job go faster, it also makes the results more pleasing and long lasting But remember that oils not only add moisture to the wood, but also attract dust and make the surface harder to clean It is the perfect polish to use on your kitchen cabinets.

Dec , A Combo of Custom and Ikea Cabinets Makes This Kitchen Shine Before In this snapshot taken before the remodel, the existing kitchen had an eclectic look the homeowners wanted to give it a cleaner, more minimalist design style Before Photo A Combo of Custom and Ikea Cabinets Makes This Kitchen

Sep , So instead, I started making a plan to update the older style hinges we already had They started out an aged brass finish And not a beautiful antique brass, but more like brass that had been soaking up kitchen grease for years Not exactly what I wanted to use on my new white cabinets.

Dec , Forget about chemical laden sprays for knocking the dust off the furniture and giving the wood a shine Instead, it s easy to simple grab a cup of olive oil (or other cooking oil) from the kitchen, combine it with half a cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of grated lemon peel Apply it to the furniture with a rag

Oct , Most kitchen cabinets these days are wood tone, or white, or mayyybe grey but that doesn t mean yours have to be You may be the only one who knows about that bright pop of color, but it ll make you smile every time you open your cabinets Never underestimate the power of shine Dark, glossy

Mar , My kitchen cabinets were chipping and I used a paint pen to fix the damage Good as new in a jiffy He spot tested it on the inside of the cabinet and waited for the paint to dry to make sure it cured the same color It s a very fine sandpaper, and can take the shine off of some surfaces Try it in an

Mar , And I m even going to make it easier for you because I ll share with you all my tricks and tips I learned along the way Plus, I ll talk about the tools supplies you need and share my step by step process My goal is to teach you how to easily paint kitchen cabinets that you will love to see Every Single Day.

Jul , How To Clean, Gloss Up, And Seal Dull Old Hardwood Floors Young House Love Update We finally created this Shop Our House page to help you hunt down any furniture accessories that you see in our house, along with all of our paint colors This post contains affiliate links to projects we have

Jan , Once, I accepted the fact that our kitchen was going to stay this color, I had to decide what small changes we could make to improve the look of the space and ideas to update oak kitchen cabinets Besides a few of the things I showed you that we did just to live in the space, I also tiled the back splash