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Oct , Here, lemme walk you through the process First we tore down the tent ceiling, primed the walls, ripped up the carpet, and patched the broken tile underneath with concrete There may also be a patch with the Epbot bot on it What Next we laid down this fantastic vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood but

Oct , David and Jennifer reused original wood salvaged in the renovation to make walls, doors, and a unique bathroom vanity, which includes a handblown glass sink lit from below The Australian Cypress Floor boards (also in the Living Room) were a real find for us at Lumber Liquidator s We got a great

Dec , It is difficult to identify the single most impressive aspect of this painstaking renovation, but the coffered ceiling and wooden floors, which were lashed with chains to create an authentic texture, are certainly high on the list Flooring white pine from Lumber Liquidators, ebony stain and DIY hand distressing.

Tom recognized and appreciated features like hand hewn wood ceiling beams and longleaf pine millwork To hide pipes that run alongside a ceiling beam and to make the beams appear more uniform, he built faux box beams from lumber salvaged during demolition and added Hardwood floors Lumber Liquidators.

Feb , I had my heart set on wood, so we went to Lumber Liquidators, I asked way more questions than my contractor hubby too stain over pine boards on our third floor, and its actually really beautiful, doesn t look dusty if you vacuum on a normal schedule, and it makes the lower ceilings feel higher (to me).

Repointing the fireplace and changing it back to a wood burning unit was one of the bigger projects in the house Now the fireplace is Vaulting the living room ceiling is a project that Diane and Niles hope to tackle in the future A Family s Eclectic Style Acacia countertop Lumber Liquidators Pendants Houzz

Jun , The floor was ordered from Lumber Liquidators and was ready to pick up in days The installation took one full day (we hired out for the floor) Installation of the new ceiling fixture was easy, and we did that after the floor was laid A new desk was built out of an old barn door and railing pieces Most other

Feb , The CDC didn t say how far off that ceiling height was, but the actual levels were triple what the high ceilinged version showed This investigation began last spring with a report from CBS News about high levels of formaldehyde in prooducts sold at Lumber Liquidators, leading to a federal investigation

The wood soaks up the stain On your blog you mention that the flooring was a Found the maple laminate at Lumber Liquidators It was believe it or not, a square foot Third stage Paint EVERYTHING, floors, ceilings, doors, trim inside of all the cabinets and closets Brushes and rollers gallons of gloss

May , Are you ready for an update on the master bedroom I can t believe how long it s been since I shared the first post on our big master bedroom renovation But I finally have some updates! Are you ready to talk flooring with me today I m working with Lumber Liquidators on this project and I have been really

Dec , Or everything must play off of the beams and the cedar ceilings Inspiration acres!! I wanted it to feel like the Wooden side table made from countertop scrap pieces Mixed art Goodwill LOWER LEVEL Countertop Lumber Liquidators Acacia Butcher Block Vessel sink Luxier Sink faucet

Jul , So Mitch and a couple of his buddies went and filled a truck bed with barn wood that we then used on the ceiling of our stairwell At the same time, Mitch discovered a huge piece of slate in the barn He told his buddies, I gotta get this for my wifeshe d LOVE it! So they hauled the slate onto the truck bed

Oct , They took out all the old plaster, electrical, flooring ceiling They insulated, put in new We love the soft close d ers and the all wood d er boxes The frames are sturdy and well In the dining room we used a cherry butcher block from Lumber Liquidators and finished it ourselves Both counters are

May , However, we rebuilt it on the original footprint (on the new foundation, with straight walls and ceilings) Hardwood Floors Handscraped Tobacco Road Acacia by Lumber Liquidators (this is the solid wood, not laminate) Barn Door Hardware Windmill and Scottish Highlander

Aug , The shiplap walls are coming together beautifully, thanks to the flooring (used on the walls and ceilings) from Lumber Liquidators The space already looks a million times better Lest you think we ve just abandoned the project entirely (which wouldn t be unheard of around these parts), I m back with an

Andrea and Malcolm still have plans to work on the home some more (they want to open up and raise the ceilings), but for now, they re so happy to live in their own little historic farmhouse They put together this makeover to share with Malcolm s family in Hawaii and I m so glad they were open to sharing it with us today.

A huge hello and welcome to our casual, coastal style summer home tour! In case you re new here, I m Shannon and I m so glad you re here Truly I believe that anyone can learn to decorate their home and my goal is to help our blog readers and subscribers to create the well decorated home they want through this blog

Nov , There was a lot of back and forth in my mind about painting these doors white, or leaving them wood, and many of you expressed strong opinions in favor of were painted, I built my much anticipated channel tufted storage banquette in the nook underneath the soffit in this small room with soaring ceilings.

Apr , At a warehouse the size of football fields miles south of Atlanta, workers grab ceiling fans, faucets and light bulbs off of rows of giant shelves Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc paint company Sherwin Williams Co and the Tile Shop Holdings Inc collectively opened more than stores last year.

Nov , Speaking of overhead lighting, I think a ceiling fan would do best in here, but I hate the look of most ceiling fans It will probably take a while to find the right fit In terms of my romantic life (and life in general), there are more people and dogs in it Charlie has had a monopoly on this room as hers for a really

Good bye, gargantuan great rooms Sayonara, massive master bedrooms Just as the average new home size in the U.S has dipped, additions have been shrinking too, a sign that we re taking steps to curb energy consumption and lower remodeling costs in an era of rising utility prices and uncertain home values As many

Jan , Would have helped me out tons of times when we faced ceilings under in garages with room additions above Lumber Liquidators has a product that really looks to have promise for the DIY market Then you simply peel the film off the top to expose an adhesive and stick the wood down to it.

Feb , I have learned (the hard way) over the years that if you are trying to cover wood with knots or wood that has been previously stained, then you need to prime with shellac in order to lock in the sap or The hardwood floors were installed over the summer and purchased from Lumber Liquidators The flokati

Jun , The wood is beautiful my dad picked it up at our local Lumber Liquidators store and it s acclimating in the basement as we speak We will use the wood on all walls AND ceilings But we may finish the walls and ceilings differently for a unique look Stay tuned Ryan s just finished installing the final lights in

Photo by Anthony Tieuli With its drop ceiling removed, the dining room sports newly exposed and repaired plaster crown molding and a window bay, now minus a hulking radiator Chestnut floor Lumber Liquidators Sink and Faucet I just oiled the wood and left some nails and imperfections, he says Prefinished

Nov , installing DIY shiplap walls and farmhouse trim from wood flooring If you remember, the last we left off, we completed the ceiling and wall installation using pine flooring from Lumber Liquidators We installed New England White Pine in wide (almost) inch planks the perfect look for DIY shiplap walls.