fire-proof core plastic composite panel

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May , A laminated fire door including a core, containing panels or boards made from an organic material including flax, and a fibrous binder constituting a sodium silicate adhesive, The present invention pertains to the art of doors and, more particularly, to the construction of a door having a fire resistant core.

Jan , A fire resistant laminate for application to a core structure to form a sandwich panel having fire resistant face sheets ( ) The laminate includes a fire protection in which at least one layer of fibers is embedded within a cured inorganic polymer matrix The laminate further includes

Mar , The improvement in the process for producing the composite insulating panel and improving the fire resistance thereof resides in the steps which comprise US ,, discloses a fire resistant foam insulated panel comprised of two skins or facers having a cellular plastic core, e.g PUR or PIR foam,

Nov , ACM is manufactured by bonding thin aluminum skins to both sides of a lightweight thermoplastic core In the case of ALPOLIC materials, this core material can be either polyethylene (ALPOLIC PE) or a proprietary mineral filled, fire retardant material (ALPOLIC fr) In both cases, the standard product

Mar , The present invention comprises a concrete building system with a method for fabricating composite panels using an improved design plastic connector and building which is highly insulated, is fire and termite proof, hurricane, earthquake and flood resistant and fulfills the requirement for flexible design.

Nov , A method for making a composite panel, wherein the composite panel has a honeycomb core sandwiched between a pair of facing sheets, includes the steps of (a) coating the interior walls of the The foam precursor preferably also comprises an anti settling agent, a surfactant and a fire retardant additive.

Jan , The fire rated door assembly according to claim wherein said fire protection material comprises a glass panel to provide said door leaf with a fire rating and thus with the capability to said composite profile including an intermediate fire protection seal directed to the adjacent edge of said door leaf .

Mar , For applications like double hull oil tankers, the structural system provides an impact resistant structure that isolates the innermost hull skin from cracks, thereby Furthermore, the composite panels may be modified to include voids within the core to lighten the structure or to enhance performance.

Aug , The cladding system, comprising aluminium panels with a fire resistant polyethylene filler and mineral wool insulation, was deemed compliant with current building The design, which coupled aluminium panels with a combustible polyethylene plastic core and PIR plastic foam insulation, was slammed by

Oct , A plurality of wall covering panels are mounted on the vertical studs The reconfigurable wall system provides improved fire resistance and acoustical resistance and allows flexibility in the selection and replacement of wall covering panels Images Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims.

May , In one construction, the core also includes three fire retardant layers, and two of the fire retardant layers are separated by the porous layer invention is to reduce the complexity and cost of manufacturing wood, paneled fire rated doors by forming panels in the door by machining, instead of molding.

Oct , A light weight, high strength laminate having improved fire resistant characteristics and the method of making the same A preferred embodiment includes a low density fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin core between two parallel sheets of high density fiber reinforced thermoset resin [,a] Another

Feb , The fire retardant nonwoven material of claim , further comprising a carrier having a basis weight of from about gsm to about gsm which is integral with a surface of the core The fire retardant, nonwoven material of claim , further comprising an auxiliary layer containing plastic material with a

Nov , A flame retardant panel structure comprises at least one external metal layer, one or more tie layers comprising one or more functionalized polymers, and a core layer made of a fabric made of glass fibers The flame retardant panel structure shows comparable flame retardancy properties while being

Oct , Generally speaking, fire retardant doors are manufactured as composite panel products A typical composite door construction includes three basic components a core blocking secured adjacent the core edges, the blocking on the vertical door edges referred to as stiles and the blocking on the

Nov , A highly resistant fire door, panel or building element comprising in combination a calcium silicate asbestos fiber core, framed by stiles and rails, two face broadly concerned with building construction units and more particularly relates to an improved fire resistant composite door, panel or similar structure.

Mar , More particularly, the new and improved fire retardant coating composition is designed for use in severe applications for protection of the substrate where there is exposure to high temperatures or to fire for long duration or to substrates like plastics and composites with relatively low melting or ignition

Honeycomb panel US A Abstract Rigid lightweight composite panel The panel comprises a honeycomb core with thin imperforate facing sheets bonded thereto, and sheets of lightweight polyvinyl Another object of this invention is to provide a light weight exhibit which is resistant to both fire and chemicals.

Feb , Each composite panel may include a first layer and second layer formed of a fiber reinforced plastic material, and a ballistic resistant laminate core layer formed between the first layer and the The cargo container of claim , wherein the composite panels are formed of flame penetration resistant material.

Oct , Panels may be made of glass, metal, marble, granite, composite or the like Currently, some types of glass and other facing panels can be provided in a fire resistant rated panel Frames for use in curtain walls are currently made of metal, plastic or wood, but all the currently available frames do not have any

Feb , core composite materials, the panel being used as a wall element, floor element or ceiling element for a wet room of a rail vehicle, The commonest way to embody wet rooms for rail vehicles is to construct them from glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), typically employing a metallic reinforcing skeleton.

Feb , A method of constructing a fire resistant frame assembly for surrounding an opening sized to receive a panel capable of impeding the spread of fire, the method comprising providing a core of a frame member sized to extend along at least one side of the opening forming a dado in a first surface of the core

Jun , In addition to the said inorganic composite panels, there are constructions known from the state of the art, having a core layer consisting of either purely organic or predominantly organic ingredients A problem with these core materials is that the aforementioned requirements of flame resistance in order to

One or both of the sheet metal panels is coated on the interior side with a high efficiency viscoelastic material comprising typically a plastic with a suitable filler The interior of the acoustic panel is composed of a fire resistant acoustical core of building board such as gypsum board, fibrous wall board, asbestos board and

Oct , A modular fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite structural panel component for structural support systems having a plurality of cells adjacently connected forming a top side, a bottom Fire retardant additives, ultra violet inhibitors, as well as other additives and fillers may also be added to the resin.